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From The Red Sea To Victory!

  Ladies and Gentlemen, Stay strong and unshakable, with your continued prayerful Stance and Decrees! God is Moving! He spoke this short, but Very Strong Word to me beginning on: 02/13/21 & completing it on 02/22/21.  🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥 We are Crossing Over, Dr. Brett Watson Here is the "Word of the Lord." Father said, "Brett the shaking has begun. Do not missunderstand the deafening silence that has occurred. No, much is being accomplished. My people have spiritually crossed into the middle of the Red Sea, as they cross over on dry ground to The Hour of Purpose and Destiny.  The shaking will begin soon openly and the enemy will be exposed and drowned, as Pharoah and the children of Israel's enemie's were defeated, from the evil plans and open display of detestable agendas they have committed.  "My Javel" has come down and "My Judgement" has been pronounced. They hav

Removing The Spirit of Korah - New Party Arise! -

01/24/2021 1:35 - 3:05 PM The Lord Says: "For I have drawn a line in the sand, and those who chose to oppose Me have crossed that line! A Great retaliation from heaven shall now be their portion. I will cause their Pride to be their downfall as my Word declares! Their evil works shall now be exposed by the light. There will be no escaping My Judgement!  Those that You see now - As they have placed themselves in the highest positions of this land, will only remain for a moment. They have chosen to seat themselves, But I say, Nay - For I did not position you there, nor do you have favor with Me! I say, You opporate in darkness and hidden evil works! I will have no part of you! I choose who I raise up and who I bring down. As in the days of Moses, as Korah gathered together a party of opposition to come against My servant, I say in the same way, you will see this demonic spirit and all its opposition removed!  For I have declared, Touch Not Mine anointed, do My prophets No Harm.  My

The Spirit of Judas Exposed!

Word of the Lord: "The Spirit of Judas Exposed!" "For Now the Spirit of Judas is exposed. I see You, says the Lord! You will enjoy the pieces of silver but for only a moment, as you have traded your alliance for political gain and debauchery.  You have completed your assignment - Only to trip and fall in your own traps you have set for "My David, My Trumpet," says the Lord. For your "Evil Doers" have seemed to accomplish the plan you've plotted - To destroy, what I have begun to raise up!  But I say, They will not experience victory - They'll find themselves caught in the traps they set for My Elect. I will now strip the taste of victory from them and take them to the pit!"  Watch says God, My Trumpet and those who have stood with him in Faith and chose not to retreat, but stand when done all, Stand - Will Now experience True Victory and My Favor, as You March together with resounding Triumphs for the New Season and Era that I have planne