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"I Am Back-Handing Both Parties!"

  "I Am Back-Handing Both Parties!!" 4.22.22 12PM Noon "For I Am that I Am! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I have had enough of those who say out of one side of their mouths that they walk the conservative line, and as they sit with others, they remain double minded and unstable in their stance! They talk out of the other side of their mouths!  They are luke warm and I will spue them out of My Mouth! As the writing was placed upon the wall, with My Hand for those at Belshazzar's party and feast of Mockery to Me - I say, Watch Now as both Parties will see My Hand as I Bring forth Judgement! I will now back hand and slap the instability out of the Republican Party as I expose their lies! Those who dance on one side of the fence and then another, with instability - As a double minded man is unstable in all of his ways! I say, A forceful blow will now occur and I will cause the fakes and liars to be removed! I will slap the democratic party and cause major disruption and chaos to

My Resurrection Power!

  2:32 AM 4/15/2 For Father God says,  "On this Resurrection Weekend as all of hell had hoped to keep My son in the tomb, I say, "I brought Him Up and out of the grave with Resurrection Power!" So shall I do the same for you this weekend. For I have waited until now to do this for My People. Watch now as I do it in front of you!  Watch as I bring down the works of darkness and bring forth Victory for My People!  I say, Is there anything too difficult for Me? NAY - There is nothing that I can not do! I say, rejoice and give Me Praise for Now you will see the manifestation of promises held for many years. I say, it is time for the rising and raising up of My Fire and Glory Carriers. This is the time I shall breathe upon you declares the Lord and you will experience the breath of My Spirit!  For I will blow a fresh wind and a newness shall fall upon My People.  I shall bring down and cruely crush the enemies of My People, the enemies of Your God - You will see them fall in

Awaken To The New!

 At 6:11 AM this Morning God woke me up and began speaking this Word in Rhyme to me. The Word of the Lord! Awaken To The New!  6:11 AM  - Wednesday April 6, 2022 Son, Awake Awake I say unto thee, Now is the time to Harken all to Me. Tell My people Now is the Time!  I say to You now as I speak this to you in a Rhyme - I will have the attention of all who read it and to be clear, I Am moving now and will show forth My Power to those I hold dear. The time has arrived to do what I said I would do - Even now I say, The Release of Promises are True and even Now are coming unto You! I have watched, I have waited I have anticipated the hour that is here, the Great Time of My Power - All will see and hear! There will be many during this time that will quake in fear, oh yes its true, but for My Faithful One's, They know, what I said I would have to do!  The shaking has begun, as the old will pass away too, this is the Hour of More and More that I will Awaken You too!  Great Reveals, Revelati