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The 1991 "Supernatural "God" Encounter"

Ladies and Gentlemen, For those of you who do not know - I was raised as the son of a Pastor. My Mom and Dad Pastored many churches across the U.S. I was raised in a Christian home and have an "Amazing Spiritual Heritage of Ministers" in m y family. When my father past away August 16, 1990 - I was faced with a decision. Would I continue to carry "The Torch and Legacy" of my Father's Ministry, as well as, the "Assignment" God had placed upon my life? I was the oldest and first born, so I was faced with the decision to continue to build on the foundation he and my mother had established.... After my dad - The Late Bernie D. Watson went on to be with Jesus - I made the decision (only by God's help), to speak into the lives of people and help them in their "Destiny Pursuit" and to Experience "God's Best" in their lives. Little did I know that just speaking and motivating people was not God's Plan