The Time has come for a Great Bounce!

I say, "Trust Me Now in what I do, it's being released just for you. Do not stress or fret no not one ounce, the time has come for a "Great Bounce!" 

You'll bounce right out of the old and into the New, the Greatness of My Hand and Plan is Now Here for You.

So Trust Me in this now I say, hear the sound of My Voice, I will cause all fear to be blown away! I will release Great Glory and Light I will reveal, the shreeks of demons Yes they shall now fear! 

No more I say, No More - Enough I Am Through, dealing with hell invading My America and Your Families Too!

The shaking the quaking oh yes it is has begun, the world will see the Glory of My own Son! They will run to Him and will say His Name, He is Yesterday, Today and Forever the Same!

I will cause the heavens to give up what belongs to you, for there is "Christmas Blessings" that I will pour out to you! The enemy has thought he would hold it back from You, but I have brought him a Great Blow, that now causes the delay to be shattered, he will not break the flow!

Breakthrough, Breakthrough, Breakthrough is Here - I tell you the Truth you will know My Goodness, not fear. Not Fear, Not Worry, no more of the enemies shame, My people will rise up Now and Carry My Name! 

You are mine I say, and again I say unto thee, the hour of Great Triumph is now here don't you see? I have told you my children, the end is not yet, so much to do - So do not fret. 

Do not worry about this or about that, Trust in Me alone, every need will be met!

The Time of Great Harvest is coming don't you see, all will know it has been Me! Only I could do so much in times quick, My Hand moves Now - Healing Power shall come to all that are sick. 

Those sick financially, in body, sick in mind and emotional too, trauma, abuse just to name a few - But none have such power to keep my own from the new - I say rejoice and lift up a Praise as I breathe now upon You!

The times of Refreshing is Now - It's so clear, I will cause My Holy Spirit to comfort all who fear. Give Me all, I say, give all to Me - Its time, oh yes its time for the masses to be set free!

The news media will speak and ask aloud, how has this been done, But those who know me will shout and say, "It was the Son! The Son of God, Jesus, The Master, and Savior Yes - He came and died so you would have Life and no Distress!"

This Christmas all will know and see, I Am that I Am and I Am not on that tree! I Am alive, Alive forever more! The season you are Now in, you've never seen before! 

Do not rehearse or try to bring present the past - Stop now and see My Hand reverse the hour glass. The time that was taken I will redeem and shift in a moment of sound, You will move in My Spirit from this day off the ground. 

For I will pick up My Bride and Lift Your countenance to a smile from disgrace, Many will share and tell others that they've seen My Face!

Yes, Oh Yes, I will show them I'm Alive - The hour has now come for the season of Five! Five is My Grace, and I have now covered thee, you will see My Hand move and you will rejoice with bended knee.

Trust Me oh Trust Me, I tell you and say, it has had to be done and unfold in this way. The Greatest reveal you haven't seen of yet, but oh get ready for what I do, the world will never forget. History books will be written to tell of this time - Some will be normal and others a Rhyme!

Oh see, oh yes don't you see, I will never be bound up, nothing will limit Me!

My Paridigm is large and some are limited yet, I say, let Me shift you and change your mindset! 

For where I Am taking you, all will agree, it was never from past mentions, you will be set free - Of yesterday's hurts, trials and disruptions too, from this moment forward it will all be brand new! Let Me shift you, let Me Heal your hearts, My Love for you is endless, and has been from the start.

Great manifestations and deliverance for you, I Am moving, oh Yes it is upon you! Get ready I say, for it is coming quick, I will do it in a Day and enemy will be made sick. 

He won't know how to change it, or stop Me from My Plan, all will shout and know it was the Father's Great Hand!

So yes I say, Yes don't ever forget, I love you endlessly children, There will not be a moment of regret. No regret, no shame or wondering -  Isn't it plane to see? Those who will advance are covered and taken to New Dimensions and Heights in the Spirit with Me!

Do not look around and say oh my with such fear - I say, I remove the doubt that clutters the heart to draw near. 

Drawing near to Me, is what keeps your focus on Me, I will change your outlook and manifest the relase of Great wonders, I have set to be released for thee.

Listen, oh listen and be a watchmen too, do not come down for a great work is what you must do. I am watching, overshadowing and covering all with My Feathers don't You see? Now is Tour Time, My Children - So focus on Me.

Not many days now, you will see it all unfold and will tell of generations what My Prophets foretold! 

My Plan, My Ways and My Greatness Revealed - Lift up a shout and Praise Me, for the Time of Blessings is now unsealed.

You will see, you will see soon, the hour of manifestation is Now upon you.

Says, Your Father in Heaven!

Dr. Brett Watson

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