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11/8/21 Signifies New Beginnings!

 🔥🔥🔥👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇🔥🔥🔥 Word of The Lord! 11/08/21 - 1:08 PM "Watch now for the transition of "Eight."  As this day Signifies - 11/8/21 You shall Transition into New Beginnings! I Do All Things New Starting "Now!" - You Will Now Begin Again and Succeed with Victory!" Says the Lord! Dr. Brett Watson   Instagram Accounts:  @DrBrettWatson @voiceofdestinybrettandmarianne @brettwatsonministries @emergelifechurch #Now #ItsTime #NewBeginingsAgain #Transition #Jeremiah2911Life #BrettWatson #BrettWatsonMinistries #VoiceofDestinyWithBrettAndMarianneWatson #Jesus #Destiny #Purpose #AllThingsNew #WordofTheLord #Eight

A Massive Shift Comes!

Father Spoke Beginning at 1:25 AM 11/5/21) 🔥🔥 All of the sudden I heard the Lord speak loudly in my ear and this is what I heard Him say, "Watch Now As I bring a Massive Shift to everything!!  A Massive Shift Now Comes, Declares the Lord! Oh November, Shall bring forth The Harvest! The rain of the Just and the unjust Now Comes! I will pour out Blessings and Judgement!  For I have watched as the beast has said, I will do it this way and that way. I will use him and her, and those in political parties, those leaders who sway left in the church for power, greed, wealth and covenants made with evil intentions, for self gratification. He has said, I will use this platform and that -  Doctors, Lawyers, Political Leaders and Judges - But I say, Nay!! I say, I will not be mocked! I have had enough and have heard enough! I will move with a forceful blow Now to the left and those who have thought they had hidden themselves in the crowd, in the church, and in the political shuffling of eve

My Great Reveal!

(Start - 1:35 AM) 10/31/21 Sunday  My Great Reveal - Word of The Lord in Rhyme - Exactly as He spoke it to me. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 The Father Says, "Think it not strange in what I do, as I reveal the plan to you. Asking, waiting, praying and anticipating, walking in obedience too, oh watch now says the Lord what I will do! Oh yes, The Truth will be known, it shall be told - Watch and see as In the days of old, I expose the evil works and My Truth will be known. For this is a day of New Beginnings don't you see? All is new and for you and your children and children's children, they will know of Me! I will reveal to them My heart, My Love and My Power too - Oh watch as I show them my love - It will be done just for you.  For you have asked Me, to protect and love them, bring them close to Me and that is exactly what I will do in this hour just for thee. The time is great that you have walked into now, the release of My Glory shall be known as in biblical times gone by, and I wi

"For I Am the God of Wonders & Unlimited Supply!"

10:45 PM Saturday October 23, 2021 Word of the Lord! For I Am the God of Wonders and Unlimited Supply! I Am Great and All will see! Who doubts My Ability to supply My People with More than enough? Even in a famine with lack or shortage? I say, look to Me and Doubt and Fret not!  For have I not taken care of My People Israel? Have I not taken care of you? I will take care of My Own, says the Spirit of the  Lord !  Yes, My Ways are strange, My Ways are Deeper, Higher and beyond your understanding - But when I tell you that I will move and bring unlimited resources to You, My Faithful Ones, I Mean what I say!  For this is the hour of Abundance and unlimited supply! This is the season for More than enough! I have stretched you and I have shifted your paradigm of thinking. I have caused you to rely upon Me and none other.  Why, you ask? Why would you allow this to happen? I say, it is so I can get All Glory for what I Am about to do, Says the  Lord !  It is so others will see what I have do