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Understanding the root and Cause of the Attack

 "Wow!! It never fails! 🎯🎯💯💯🙄🙄💥💥👊 A bit lengthy, but worth it. "Understanding the Root and Cause of the Attack!"  Oh yes, the emails, messages and nasty remarks!  For those of you, including the titles "minister and preacher" - Manifesting (and needing deliverance) but not even seeing the fact that you have been used and activated by hell - While  Screaming over the "Prophetic Words" of the Lord being different from those of your own theology, your spirit of racism, and your spirit of hate - You loath concerning those of us who are Awake and don't go along with your religious denominational traditions of men!  Let me help you understand what's happening tonight, because the religious spirit you oporate in, already knows what's going on.  As an Apostolic Ambassador of the Kingdom of Our  Lord, I will address all of you now - Just as Jesus cast out the legion into the swine. He addressed them all at once!  👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

"Watch Me Do It," Says The Lord

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Father is Speaking! The Words of the Lord are coming one after another concerning America, the News at hand and all He is about to do! If You are a Minister and You reject His Words, you are: 1. Rejecting the Word of the Lord! 2. Operating in and creating an atmosphere of Disbelief! 3. Hindering God from Manifesting His Supernatural Power in your life, ministry and those around you! You are showing others around you, including your congregation that You Do Not Believe He is the same God of the Bible that you speak about. You're operating in a spirit of religion! You are just going through the motions. You need God to Touch You with A Glory Encounter! Choose this day your decision to believe again. The Lord is giving you this Moment to Wake Up and Turn, before the ministry is shut down. Seeker Friendly churches and Ministries, Hear the Word of the Lord! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Tuesday 8:30 PM 07/27/21 God Said, "I will continue to speak in spite of what other

Look to the Eighth Month!

"Word of the Lord"  11:25 PM - July 25, 2021 "For I say, "Look to the "Eighth Month!" For I shall shift your Atmosphere and Season Swiftly! I shall cause things to be sped up and bring Increase and Multiplication to My Faithful. This is the Beginning of the "Season to Run," says the Spirit of the Lord! I will bring My Increase and cause all that has seemed so difficult, to be radically changed! For there shall be a Swift Change in All areas! I will do what I said! Listen to Me and Hear My Word this day from My Prophet! When the world sees chaos and calamity, My Elect and Faithful Ones will see Increase, Protection and have Peace of Mind - For they rest under My shadow!  Have I not said, I will protect you and cover you with My Feathers? For surely, You will see that "I Am" Faithful and True! I will not allow any plague to come nigh thy dwelling place! Trust Me and Apply My Blood! For I will remove the spirit of fear that has caused many


"Father God spoke to Me on July 16th, at 3:07 PM in the afternoon. I had just put our youngest daughter Hannah to sleep and was walking through the house when this Word dropped Suddenly and God began Speaking t he following "Rhyming Word!" Honestly, I'm in awe at how God is moving right now in our lives! The Power and Presence of Jehovah is increasing daily. He is about to Drop His Glory in a "Suddenly Moment" that will leave all of us in a state of Shock and Awe!  Get Ready to Rejoice - God is about to Release Much to those of us who have been found Faithful! America is being Reset to the Plans and Purposes of Our Father! HE IS FAITHFUL - REJOICE!"  Dr. Brett Watson  Word of The Lord! 7/16/21 3:07 PM Rejoicing, Rejoicing, Rejoicing is what I hear! Rejoicing, Rejoicing Rejoicing Let Me be clear! I said. It would be and I do not lie, I said it was time and now you will see it, no more time shall go by. This is Your Hour of Vindication I say unto thee, W

Joy & Rejoicing!

  Ladies and Gentlemen, Tonight as I was in the shower with shampoo in my hair, God interrupted me as He does so often and began to speak the following word to me. I only share this to reveal to you that God is NOT religious and speaks whenever He wants too. But we must have the ears to hear him, being sensitive to Him at all times and then the most important - Obey. No matter what! I got out of the shower as quick as I could to get my phone and begin typing what He was speaking. Honestly, I have never rhymed prophetically before in all my years of ministry until the last few months as God has given these words to me.  I am in awe of what He is doing and how He is speaking to me personally.  I give Him All Glory and All Honor and as you read below, we will all Rejoice Soon! 🎊🎉🎊🎉 In Awe of His Sovereignty, Dr. Brett Watson 11:45 PM July 1 - 12:20 AM July 2, 2021 God said, Brett watch Now as I take down the imposter -  satan's tool from off his stool. Those w