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My Tribute to "TBN" Founder - Dr. Paul Crouch

                                          Ladies and Gentlemen, I have not had the opportunity until now to post my thoughts concerning the "Home-Going" of Dr. Paul Crouch. I have had the "Distinct Honor" over the last several years to be a part of "TBN" (Trinity Broadcasting Net work) on the International - "Praise The Lord" Broadcast, by the invitation of Founder - Miss Jan Crouch. I did not have the opportunity to meet Dr. Paul Crouch before his passing - But have had much respect concerning him - From the moment of TBN's launch in 1973 until present day, touching the world with the "Gospel of Jesus Christ." Dr. Crouch carried a "Divine Mantel" and was "Anointed" for being a "Pioneer" for Christian Television and "TBN" - His Obedience has brought salvation to billions of souls around the world. Because of His and Miss Jan's Obedience - "Prophetic Scripture

Are "YOU" The One?

Ladies and Gentlemen,   I am sure - many of you   might be wondering - "What is He doing in this Picture?" I’ll never forget an “Awakening” that I had that was inspired by the Hollywood movie – Matrix, in 1999.   Let me explain! When the first "Matrix" movie came out - I was dealing with a lot in my life! It was ev en to the point of giving up - Anyone ever been there? I'll never forget the intense drawing I felt from the Lord to go see the movie! See God speaks to us through movies, billboards, nature, music and with His still small voice. Please hear me when I tell you - Never get so religious that you believe the only way God speaks to us is at church, a Prophet or through the "Word of God" - If you do, you have limited "Our Creator" to a small paradigm that He cannot operate in. God is too “Big” to be confined into a small space! When we allow our mindset to hinder the vision God has given to us, what you are doing is l

Thought From My Heart

Ladies and Gentlemen, Let me interject this: "Thought from My Heart!" My posts of "Encouragement" are not taken from a book or seminar that I have attended, but from "Life Experiences" that I too have gone through or am currently experiencing!  I have honestly had a very difficult life, contrary to what most might think. I have always been the under dog that had to work harder for everything I wanted to accomplish.  It was Never just given to me. The moments where I saw the "Favor of God" cover and  impact my "Life Situations" have been countless - to many to even take the time to mention at this moment. But every time, I have been amazed and humbled to experience "God's Divine Favor and Grace" on my Life (which at times I didn't deserve)! So without taking a lot of time with this post, please know most times, the very words I speak to you are the very words "I Need to Hear (Read)" to "Encourage Myself&

Promotion Comes From God Alone!

Ladies and Gentlemen, People from around the USA, as well as, Internationally as I travel, have asked me the same question over and over again: "Brett, what did you do to be on TV, have the connections you have and experience the "Power of God" like you do?" I tell them the same answer over and over again: "Yield to the Holy Spirit, submit yourself to God, and never stop pursuing Your God Given Dreams! As you do YOUR PART, GOD DOES HIS PART!" "It's NOT SELLING YOURSELF, or Trying to be the Next BIG "Holywood Star" - It's being Faithful with what God has intrusted to you. Then God promotes who, He wills." "God has Amazing Thoughts toward you - thoughts of Good and Not for evil, a Hope and a Future." ~Jeremiah 29:11 Blessings Always, Brett Watson

Seasons Change!

Ladies and Gentlemen, One thing we can count on is that "Seasons Change!" Do not be so focused on this past or current season, that you forget about the "Promise" God has given to you! We can easily allow the Past or Present Events in our lives to distract us from having "Perception" to see what is ahead!  Do not allow your Past to determine your Future! G od has said, "Yes!" Don't you Dare say No! Blessings Always, Brett Watson

God Qualifies the Unqualified!

Happy Sunday Friends! As humans we many times question our abilities when serving, But remember this nugget of wisdom: God never asks for you to be "Qualified" - Infact, He calls the "Unqualified" and then Qualifies you! Men qualify the trained and educated, but God just asks for you to say, "Yes Master" - Then He gives You "On the Job Training" - Qualifies and Validates You! You are His "Chosen" - Move forward into Your Destiny. Be Encouraged! :) Brett Watson

You Are A Diamond!

Ladies and Gentlemen, There's a Diamond in all of us! Though there are Trials, Circumstances, Opposition and Life Experiences; You will Succeed! Never Quit. A "TRUE CHAMPION" doesn't give up! Once knocked down (He or She), gets back up again, shakes off the dust - head up - back straight, deep breath and pursues Destiny and Purpose! What you have gained from "Life Experience" is the Wisdom needed for your "NOW" Moment, moving forward! You will Succeed! You will accomplish your goals; And YOU WILL SEE YOUR DESTINY FULFILLED! You Aren't A quitter - You are A Champion! Act Like it and let nothing hold you back from this moment forward! I Believe in you - More so, God Believes in you - Now YOU Believe in YOU AGAIN! Be Encouraged - Brett Watson