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Passing the "Test"...

For so many - this past season has been extremely difficult - But you are still here, you are still standing and no matter what has come your way, you have survived and stood the Test! When you pass the Test - you get promoted - when you fail, you have to take it again. This is your moment to complete the task at hand, pass the Test - so you can be promoted to a "New Dimension." Ladies and Gentlemen, This is your time!! "The Moment of Now" - All you have is this Moment - it's been given to you by God for such a Time as this. Never Give up, Never Quit and know that God is with you! Your time is "Now!" No matter what the failure or defeat - Dust yourself off, take a deep breath - Head up, Shoulders back - Now move forward with the wisdom you have received through the "Test!" Forget what people say - People will say it anyway, Just remember what God has said! He has said Yes, Why would you say no! The Naysayers are promoting you and God is el