The Awakening of New, My Glory, Vengeance and Abundance Soon!"

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

I was working on one of our "Voice of Destiny" videos for the upcoming week, the Lord's Presence came upon me Suddenly. Immediately He began to speak as He always does. The Word He gave me below, is for the Corporate Body! He is moving Saints, Get Ready! 

It's Time to Awaken,

Dr. Brett Watson

12:15 - 12:30 AM 12/5/21

Rhyming Word of the Lord

I'm doing a New thing, think it not strange, what I am about to reveal is going to blow you away! Time travel, and the Dimensions in Me Yet to be seen, get ready I say for the release of Great things! 

For I tell you now and I will tell you later too, the day of vengence of your God is soon upon you! 

I will bring down every evil work and destroy the plans of Satan too, the workers of iniquity will be burnt up when my Glory passes through! I say, It is Now I am coming to release it Soon! 

Oh yes, be ready for the Greater Works I have Promised You!

The release of My Promises to those who love and worship Me in Spirit and Truth, I say oh yes I will bring forth Greatness unto You!

For this is the day of rising up and being who I have called you to be, don't you see, Your strength is in Me! 

I have told you once and told you again, the time of rejoicing shall quicken you then. 

For your strength is in Me, and what I do will cause you to bow at your knee!

You will dance and shout and give Me Glory, The Spirit is about to reveal My untold story!

It will be unlike anything you have known before, I Am revealing the Truth and nothing hidden will remain behind closed doors! 

For this is the Hour of "The Great Awakening" I say, Yes the eyes of many will be opened that day!

What you have been told and shown by these evil works of men, I will bring down in a day and I say, it will all become New Again!

My Truth and Glory will be revealed, the time of a Great Exodus as with Moses shall be unsealed! 

My Promises, My Promises - The crossing over into the Land I said I would show you is now, I will bring forth a Great Abundance to My people and destroy the golden cow!

Worship Me, Worship Me, Worship Me Alone - For I will now bring forth Blessings untold! The hour of My coming, the hour of My hand for You is soon, Trust Me now My children as I open up Great treasures Unto You!

The spoils of war, the Blessings untold have been waiting till this time, Now is the hour to see My Faithfulness with Great Signs.

Oh if you could only see what I do in the Now, you would rejoice, lift up a shout and bring unto Me your Greatest Praise a loud!

I love you, oh how I love You - I have proven over again, I say, but this time you will know that your King is a lover of his Own Children!

It's all happening and happening soon, I tell you, get ready to run for all I Am about to do!

Says the Lord!


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