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I Am Coming Through For My People!

***Word of Encouragement from the Lord*** Sunday 9:45 AM 05/15/2022 "For I Am coming through for My People in this hour in a way they haven't even expected! I will show them that My Promises are True, and that I give and give beyond measure to My Faithful One's. For you have been Steadfast and Unmoveable and this My children Pleases Me! For though the enemy has roared and given his imps instructions to hinder and delay My Promises for you, I say, "Now" You will see those plans of hell backfire upon their own camp! The enemy and his workers of folly will be brought down and destroyed in this hour. Oh watch, for You will see Me do it openly! Watch and give Me praise My children, for the time of refreshing I have for you has come! The hours of prayer and sacrifice has come before Me as "A Sweet Fragrance" and I will reward you, says the Lord! Prepare to be Blessed Beyond Measure! This is the hour of Great Recompense and Vindication! I stretch My hand towar

I Am Restoring, Overturning and Overthrowing, Bringing A Divine Reversal!

TUESDAY 6:41 PM 5/3/22 I Am Restoring, Overturning and Overthrowing, Bringing A Divine Reversal! Think it not Strange say the Lord, For I Move Now! I Am Removing the curse from America and reversing decisions made by those who oppose My Ways! I will bring My Fist Down and crush the adversaries who work against Me, Declares the Lord! Enough!!! PRAY AND STAY ON THE WALL! STAND WITH MY MOVE, SAYS THE LORD! WATCH!! FOR FROM THIS HOUR MOVING FORWARD, YOU WILL SEE ME DISRUPT,  CRUSH AND DESTROY THE AGENDA OF THE ENEMY! WATCH, FOR MY SHOCK AND AWE!! I AM THAT I AM!! I WILL NOT BE MOCKED! Oh Yes, This is My Move, this My Hand and I Have Just Begun, Declares the Lord!  Reversal, Reversal, Reversal after Reversal!! I will bring Vindication for My Children, My Little One's - For their blood cries out! I will bring forth My Agenda, My Way and My Hand!  It will be as if the laws, agendas and orders of those who oppose Me, were never placed  - For NOW I Move! Their agenda will be Erased and thei

May shall be a Month of Grace & New Beginnings!

Dream & Word of the Lord 5:33 PM  - Sunday 5/1/22 As many have read, we had to cancel Sunday evening service on 5/1/22 - As Myself and the family have all been under the weather. With the church here in Orlando just beginning, I had no one to cover service for us.  For anyone who has started a ministry, it isn't for the faint of heart. It takes time, lots of prayer and dedication. You are literally caring for and nurturing a baby, as you watch it mature, advance and develop with Father's Touch upon it. But when you don't have steady members or ministers in the new work yet, there is no one you can lean on to cover a service in a situation like this, so you have to make the decision to take care of yourself and recover so you can get up and go again. Thus, today's (Sunday 5/1/22) scenario.  In my prayer time this afternoon and as I began to rest to feel better, I said to the Lord, Father we have to have people who will lift our arms and assist us consistently to get