The Hour of Greatness is Here!

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"The Prophetic Word!" Episode 7 - Dr. Brett Watson - "The Hour of Greatness is Here!" 9.5.21

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Happy New Year!! We have just crossed over Prophetically into the Jewish Calendar year of "5782" - "The Year of the Voice of the Son!

Rosh Hashanah began on the Evening of September 6 and is Celebrated through September 8th, followed by '10 days of Awe" to Yom Kippur!

Father God began speaking the "Word of the Lord" to me on The "Eve" of Rosh Hashanah, at 7:25 AM Sunday Morning before our Emerge Life Service began. The Word God gave me is included in this Glory Filled Video.

Dr. Brett Watson 

7:25 AM September 5, 2021

For My people have come into their day of advancement. If they could only understand the past seasons have caused the advancing. Their Faith in Me through the Tests have made them to stand and trust in spite of the situations surrounding them. But that is the Past! You have arrived into the Hope of Glory!

My people have pursued and believed even when it was the darkest. Oh don't you see? I cause You to Advance with Great Faith Now! For You have Great Faith and Vigor! You have come through! You have made it declares The Lord and I Am Proud of You! Now you shall be Rewarded with Great Promotion!

I tell you the dawn is here. I Am the Light and I am shining upon All this day! I Am bringing the Hope and Delivering Power that is in My Hand. 

Walk forward and be obedient. Walk forward and Trust Me as You did in the darkest moments in the past seasons.

Trust Me now as I take you and thrust you into the Break of Dawn - For the Light has come! The Advancement has come! You will see My Goodness Come upon all you do and around you in all things. You will see the shift take place! The dreams and Visions, you have held on to and would not let go of, I will manifest Now! Do Not Doubt, But Believe Me!

Those things that just seemed to good to be true with visions of grander, with others, Will become and manifest exactly as I have given and spoken them to you.  They will come into clear view now. All will stand with their eyes fixed in Me in Awe of what I have done!

I Am doing a New Thing. In spite of what you see, I will advance My church! I will advance My Faithful Ones in this hour. They shall Prosper and see great Blessings in their Health, Homes, Families, Businesses and Ministries.

When the rest of the world is suffering, My People will advance! They will come with healing upon their hands to heal, touch the hurting and broken with My Power! To be My outstretched arm to those in need! 

My church will be seen as a Beacon of Hope! The world will shake their heads at the Prosperity My People have and how they're using it for My Glory to Bless, Clothe and Feed the hungry. 

I'll cause a major shift to take place in this hour that will bring individuals to their knees in Praise to Me! I will be Glorified and Exalted High! Those who do not know Me, will run to Me and Give Me their Lives! I will touch them and set them on fire, says the Spirit of the Lord!

Watch Now as the "Days of Wonder" manifest before your eyes! Watch as My Goodness shall pass before, behind, and beside you in every turn. Watch as My Favor shall manifest and cause things to happen in a day!

Watch as All My Words become the manifestation of things Hoped for! I will do it My Children. I will bring it to pass, though the enemy would want you to look to current dark events, keeping your eyes upon the past and those seasons of hardship and testing - I say, nay!! Look to Me! Get your eyes off those things that distracted Hope, stop looking at past seasons Now and look to the Advancing Moment and Season I have placed before you.

Look upon My Face! I make All Things New! I will cause there to be signs in the heavens and in the earth! The Days of Great Manifestations, Signs and Wonders are here!

Look to Me and do not look at those things in the world. Do not allow the news media and voices of darkness to sway your perception of Who I Am and What I can do in spite of the darkness that covers the earth. I am changing and advancing My People and will increase you in the midst of chaos and calamity. I Am pouring out My Glory and all will know I Am God. 

I will increase My leaders and Faith Ones with the power of Wealth and Blessings to Advance! You will resettle in desolate places and Advance My Kingdom in the New Place called THERE!! You will be about My Work Proclaiming My Words of Truth and Hope! The lost will hear and be saved!

Oh watch as the evil doers think they can advance with no repercussions. They plan in secret, but does The Lion of Judah not see?

I see all and I will bring all of their plans down to a crashing halt. I will remove the masks, I will expose and bring forth the Truth! I will expose the darkness and advance My Light! It is an exciting time declares the Lord. Oh get ready as Your God is Lifted High! Rejoice and lift up your heads! You shall see the Greatness of Your God!

I have Great Plans for You and I am orchestrating it all now! I have dispatched My warriors on assignment. My angelic warriors are even now strategically placed around America and the World. They await for My signal. I will Speak and all darkness will be exposed! 

They hold up the swords of Truth awaiting My signal to release the judgement of God upon the works of darkness, and at the same time break down every assignment of the enemy, to disrupt my people from advancing. What the enemy had held onto and kept from My Faithful One's - he will release to You! The thief will release 7 Times what he has stolen! YOU SHALL ADVANCE WITH THE SPOILS OF WAR! 

As I caused My People Israel to advance with Great wealth in Victory - I say, This is the Time of Your Great Advancement and Acceleration! 

You shall see My Hand Move swiftly! You will look to the left and the right and their will be Blessings, You will look behind and in front of You and there will be More Blessings! I shall surround You with My Hand of Favor and Blessings, says the Lord!

I shall breathe and the winds of advancement shall blow a crossed America and the World into Homes, Businesses, Churches, Ministries and camps of My People who hold up the Light and are standing ready to take the land!

I say, Rejoice for the "Times of Refreshing and Great Glory" are here! Breathe My Spirit in Deeply and Prepare! There is Much to do! Get ready for Your New Season will be unlike anything you have ever seen or known, declares the Lord! 

Lift up a sound unto Me and Give Me Glory! I Am Moving, I Am Shaking, I Am advancing and I Am Releasing Great Blessing Upon You! 

Do not look to those things Temporal but Keep Your Focus upon Me to those things I have for you that are eternal!! 

I Love You! You are My People and I Advance You Now - Declares Your God!

I am in Agreement with You for this Powerful Manifestation of His Promises,

Dr. Brett Watson

Intl. Conference Speaker/Pastor/CEO

Emerge Life Church

Brett Watson Ministries, Inc

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