Judgement Shall Come!

11:30 AM  Monday August 16, 2021

Word of The Lord

God Said, 

"I will Not Not have Mercy on Joe Biden or any of this Illigitamate administration for they have planned and orchestrated a diabolical hellish agenda! Their works are deep and intentional to bring disaster and chaos to America and all of those around the world who worship Me! Watch, I will bring judgement upon All their works, says the Lord!

However - Says the Spirit of Grace -  I will cover the sons and daughters being sent into harms way and I will place My Hand upon them, says the Lord."

"I Declare, Complete Mercy and The Blood of Jesus Covering upon all our troops being sent to Afghanistan, over our children and our Christian Brothers and Sisters in harms way, in Jesus mighty Name - I take authority over the powers of darkness attempting to destroy all that is Good, Just and of Good Report! I crush, destroy and bring to Not the plans and assignments of hell against the men and women of the "Most High God" and disrupt all the plans of the works of the devil in Jesus Mighty Name!!" 


Dr. Brett Watson



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