Praying for The Conflict in Afghanistan

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let us pray for our Brave Military, those lost and  in harms way - All Americans lost, stranded, as well as the people in Afghanistan and the Middle East that need Jesus!

Father God has said, "He will expose and He will bring a disastrous blow to this current Illigitamate administration."

We know His Promises are True! He is not a man that He would lie! So, We continue to Stand when done all, to Stand - Trusting Him Always!

Let Us Pray Father God deals this blow quickly, as the "THIEF" is still in the seat that doesn't belong to him and the hellish agenda is being planned out.

"Father God, I ask that You Bring Vindication and Recompense Now as You have Promised and Cover Your People in America and those in harms way around the world, with Your Poweful, Precious Blood!

I Declare the enemy's assignments be destroyed in Jesus Name and every trap and weapon be sent back to the workers of darkness, that they themselves fall in their own traps and devices! I declare all of them be exposed and brought down Now in the Name above Every Name - Jesus!!!

I Declare No Weapon will be formed and existing weapons will NOT Prosper! Father God, dispatch Your Mighty Angelic Remnant to defeat the forces of darkness NOW!  I break, crush and bring down every work and assignment of hell against Your People in the Name of Jesus!!!

We lift up the families of the fallen soldiers and civilians, and every American, the Afghanistan people and innocent children today! I ask Your Holy Spirit to blanket them and Bring Healing and Peace!

I declare and ask these things now in your Powerful and Majestic Name, Amen!

Standing in Faith and Prayer with You,

Dr. Brett Watson
Intl. Conference Speaker/Pastor/CEO
Emerge Life Church
Brett Watson Ministries, Inc


Dr. Brett Watson
Intl. Conference Speaker/Pastor/CEO
Emerge Life Church
Brett Watson Ministries, Inc

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PO Box 561164
Rockledge, FL 32956


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