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Divine Purpose

Ladies and Gentlemen, Do You Want the Supernatural To Work through Your Life and Ministry? How Hungry Are You for "The Power of the Holy Spirit" to Operate through you? It takes spending time with Him and if You will spend time with Him and get to know Him personally, You will experience the "Supernatural Works of Jesus in You life!" I challenge you to Watch the following video and let it energize You to go where You have never gone before in Him! In this video, you will be able to experience the "Raw Supernatural Power of God and Manifestations" from different "Encounter Services" held across the nation. The Moment is Now - Our "Divine Purpose" is fulfilling the "Will" of the Father in "Power and Demonstration!" This is a "New DAY" for YOUR "Personal Relationship with Jesus!"  Experience HIM by asking for Holy Spirit to visit You. Holy Spirit is waiting for you to a

Never Give up, Never Quit....

Ladies and Gentlemen, For so many - This past season has been extremely difficult - But You are still here, You are still standing and no matter what has come your way, You have survived and stood the Test! When you "Pass the Test - You ge t Promoted" - But when you fail, you have to take it again. This is your moment to complete the task at hand and "Pass the Test" - So you can be promoted to a "New Dimension." This is your time!! "The Moment of Now" - All you have is this Moment - It's been given to you by God for "Such a Time as This." Never Give up, Never Quit and know that God is with you - Your time is "Now!" Listen, No matter what the failure or defeat - Dust yourself off, take a deep breath - Head up, Shoulders back - Now move forward with the wisdom you have received through the "Test!" Forget what people say - People will say it anyway - Just remember what God has said! He has

Steam Can Power A Locomotive!

To All My "True" Friends, Family and Supporters, Thank you for your Love and prayers! Thank you for your continued support for BWM's multifaceted International Ministry and Media Ministries! I want to share the following Quote! I want to say, "Thank You to my Mom and Dad for my "Early" Birthday gift." Here is the Quote that I am adopting for the "New Season of My Life!" From the book: "Simple Truths" - "At 211 Degrees, Water is Hot. At 212 Degrees, it Boils - And with "Boiling Water," it becomes steam; And Steam Can Power a Locomotive!" Never look back and don't let anyone hold you back - I don't care who they are! This is the season to achieve Your "Hopes and Dreams" and accomplish Your Destiny! God has said, Yes - Don't You Dare say No!" I promise you I will continue sharing: "The message of Hope and Destiny to a People of Promise and Purpose!&qu

The Meaning Behind Your Name

Ladies and Gentlemen, I Bless "ALL" of You "Today" - Saturday, the 8th of February! When I sat down around midnight to look at my email as I always do - All of the Sudden God spoke to me and said, "Brett - Names and Numbers!" I immediately looked at the date: Feb. 8, 2014 and knew right off –“Eight” means "New Beginnings!"   I knew God was directing me to speak for a moment to help you! I will make this short, because a full teaching would take much time and research to complete.   This will be a brief and simple blog with my thoughts and examples with scripture, to get you thinking outside the box. This is thought provoking, OK?   Here we go: So many miss the little things that have the greatest impact upon their lives because they are caught up in the normal daily routine and not what is happening "Behind the Scenes" - In the "Spirit Realm!" Do you realize that part of the answer you have be

Word of the Lord - Our "New Season"

Ladies and Gentlemen, God Spoke to me and told me He would give me a "Fresh word for 2014 and the Season to come," in the latter part of 2013.    On the early morning of December 31 st , 2013 - He woke me up and began to speak; However, to my astonishment, He did not complete the whole word on that date.   He told me, "I will give you the remaining word in the next few weeks to come."  God spoke the remaining word to me today - February 6 th , 2014. This in itself reveals a lot to me on how we have often put God in a box here in America and have assumed with our own thoughts and "American Church Mindset and Traditions," that God will only do things the way we have always liked Him doing them; As an Example, of giving us the complete "Prophetic Word" on Dec 31 st for the "New Year."    I'm not at all suggesting that He does not do that or can not. In-fact, He has given me a complete word before in previous years, to