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My Blessings & Abundance are Now Coming Forth With!

W ORD OF THE LORD 9/25/21  ( 3:11 AM Father Began)  For the shift has begun as I have spoken of. All things have now begun to come together in proper alignment according to My Plan, Says the Lord.  Those things out of order shall be brought into order so that the moving forth of My Plan is manifested. For I say to you, Shift into the Now! I say again, You Must shift into the Now Workings of My Sprit. For I Am Moving and I Am shifting All things. Hear Me says the Lord, Shift, lest you miss what I do from the Spiritual realms into the natural. The releasing of "My Blessings and Abundance are Now Coming Forth With!"  I have begun and I will complete the release as I have Promised.  Rejoice and Bless My name as I bring you into Great Times of refreshing, Declares the Lord. Yes, Refreshings shall come and You will know that I have begun advancing My People into the days of Glory. My Glory, My Glory shall be released! I will reach the unreachable and touch the untouchable with My S