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09.19.19 Completion of A Season of Stretchings!

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 The Father Said, "Watch "NOW" as I show You the "Completion of A Season of Stretchings!" I have prepared You Now for the release of Blessings and Promises!  This Time has come for the Arrival of "New Beginnings" with Great Manifestations!  As the day on the calendar has been marked as "09/19/19" - A "Momentive Shift" Occurred! You will see "Great Acceleration" begin in ALL things concerning My Promises to You!" The Definition and Meaning of the numeral "9" in the Prophetic Dictionary: Birthing, Completion, Maturity, Gestation and Finalization.  The way You think, You become from thinking patterns and processes that have been established in Your upbringing, associations and surroundings. But It is important to be in syncopation with Father God so You experience "The Kingdom" in Your Lives! Remember, if names and numbers have meaning to our Father in

The Birthing of Long Awaited Promises!

Word of the Lord - 8/28/19  - 2 AM As I laid my head down and turned on instrumental music to listen and meditate upon the Lord, as I always do before I go to sleep; Quickly, I heard The Spirit of the Lord say, "Son - For even Now, I am Birthing Long Awaited Promises.  The time of Manifestation and Release is Now Upon You! Prepare Your heart for New Promises, Fresh Visions, New Encounters of My Spirit and New Associations!  I am doing a New Thing Now! You have stepped into the New and shall begin to Experience New Surroundings, New Sounds and experience the Fresh wind and Aroma of Advancement in Me. The scent of stagnancy will be no more! I Am bringing to You, All things New! This Time will be known as New! Release the doubts, the fears and the memories that have captivated Your thoughts, paralyzing Your steps from advancing forward, keeping You in yesterday's memories and yesterday's limitations.  Hear My Heart in this New Moment, sa

Time is still a Necessity for True Maturity, Gestation and Development

Ladies and Gentlemen,  God spoke this thought into me heavy this morning (07/21/2019). As I've observed many individuals and Ministries over time, I have come to the same conclusion over and over again - No one wants to "Wait" on God. Let this sink into Your Spirit: God said, "Son though they build, "Time" is still a Necessity for True Maturity, Gestation and Development in Me and My Prophetic Plan for Their Lives!" It is a necessity for "All Men and Women of God" to understand this - With today's ministry presentations through television, social media, pictures, and video, there is a "False Reality of True Spiritual Development." Everyone is competing with the other because of what's reflected on television and social media, which brings a false narrative of: "I'm advancing more than the other, and God has increased this ministry," .....Yet - This still may not be true. Please underst