I Will Bring Justice, Says The Lord!

 9:53 AM Wednesday - August 18, 2021

My Fist is coming down and I will strike the ground in the land of DC in an unparalleled fashion, says the Lord! Do you not think I see? 

I see ALL Things! Oh they have shaken their fists in My face and thought they would escape My Wrath as they mocked Me in their arrogance - Nay! Watch! For they shall be removed with a flick of My hand! My Battle Ax shall fall, says the Lord! All shall be Revealed!

Oh Yes, You will watch as the pawns are removed as off of a chess board, never to be seen again. Do they not comprehend Who I Am? I say, Watch, for they will soon know!

Enough! I will show My Hand of Judgement toward the evil being planned behind closed doors and then carried out by those who have sold their own souls to the dragon. They hear the instructions from the evil one and carry them out! But I say, Enough!!!

For surely you will see the demise of their plans, in America and globally! What many have seen and known for generations as their norm, will come crashing down. What many have known as reality was a masked reality, says the Lord! Their old ways and systems will be removed!

I will trample the plans of the enemy and bring forth My Agenda in the earth! My America shall shine again, says the Lord and will continue to bring forth My Light to the nations of the earth!

I will bring justice to those who have carried My name and held My Light and the Standard of My Message, even in the midst of great tribulation, says the Lord.

Watch Now - For the middle east shall know My Name and shall know My Glory!  I will disrupt the plans of the adversary and bring forth a wave of "My Glory" that will bring Repentance and the Salvation of those who seem to oppose Me now. They will find Me and repent! Many will have a Face to Face Encounter with Me and shall turn from their ways and the teachings of religious doctrine as they say, Jesus is Lord! 

These Encounters will cause "My Truth" to be known, in these tribes and cultures for generations to come. 

"I Am" moving Says the Lord, and those who have chosen to hold up "My Message of Hope" will see My Glory!

I will release "My Glory" in Unprecedented Ways in this hour!

No, I say, No - To those saying this is the final hour. No, I say, It is not time for the child of perdition to appear. No, it is not the hour, but only the birthing pains of what is to come. 

Lift up your head and open your mouths, Now! For now is the Time For a Great Harvest! Watch, for the masses long to hear My Words! They hunger for "My Glory" - Shall I use you to carry it forth? I'm calling you, says the Spirit of the Lord!

Yield to Me and Go forward! Speak and I will fill your mouths! I will bring Great Signs and Wonders and show forth My Power! For surely, this is the Time of a Great Harvest! Surely this is the hour that I will bring recompense and Vindication! Watch, I will reward My Faithful!

Choose Me this day! Choose Me and I will use You declares the Lord! 

Watch Now, as I bring Great Justice upon those who are workers of wrath. Watch as I crush Mine enemies with My Roar! For Vengence is Mine, says the Lord, and All will know I Am God!

Trust Me this day! Trust Me in All things and Rejoice for Your names are written in the "Lambs Book of Life!"

I love You says, Your God and I rejoice with you! For Great are the days and years ahead! You shall see "My Glory" flow as Majestic Water Falls!

I will release "My Glory" and cities will be changed overnight! Crime, disaster, disruptions and calamity will end in America! The news will say, what I have to say! They will report and be speechless of what has transpired in all areas! They will be in shock at how I play My Hand Now! I will bring forth My Agenda and Will and disrupt the plans of those who oppose Me!

Oh I say, hold on! Watch Me Move! I have not left You! I Am with You and I will show You My Faithfulness! To those who love Me and Honor Me, Rejoice - For I will show You Great Things says, Your God!

This is not the time to be disheartened, but to lift Me up so that I may do Great Wonders amongst You! I will expand You, My House and My Kingdom in this Hour!

When the enemy would want you to think it is over, there is no hope, I say, it is a lie! Trust Me and Rejoice! Praise Your God and Watch Me destroy the plans of the enemy! 

All things are coming into order! The Truth will be known! I am rearranging and placing in position those that I will use in this "New Era," says the Lord - Including "My Trump" and others You wouldn't have even imagined!

Behold what many have known - Is being brought down! Many only see what is in front of them with their eyes, but I see what is to come for eternity! 

Again I say, Rejoice!  Hold Your Peace, But only to Praise Me and Watch Me do it! I Am doing what I have said I would do! 

Oh Watch Now I say! Watch - You can Trust Me, Says the Lord!

In Awe of God's Glory,

Dr. Brett Watson

Intl. Conference Speaker/Pastor/CEO

Emerge Life Church

Brett Watson Ministries, Inc

Mailing Address:

PO Box 561164

Rockledge, FL 32956





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