The Turning Has Come!


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am always Amazed at "Our God!"

He continues to speak, through His True Prophets, The Scriptures, Billboards, Movies, Nature and Yes - "THE CLOUDS!"

As you can see in the top picture, it is a cloud shaped exactly as the face and hair of President - Donald J. Trump!

*** I took this picture personally and this image has not been altered in any way! ***

At 1am the Lord woke me up and said, "Brett look up in the sky! Then He said, Pray for Your President!"

As I did - Blowing in real time from right to left was Donald Trump's face "Manifested in the Clouds!" 

I couldn't believe my eyes honestly as God was showing me "His Choice" yet again and asked me as He does so very often to Pray for the President - All of us need to do so Now, as he will be taking his rightful positioning soon!

As you can clearly see, the right side of the picture is a vivid representation of "President Donald Trump" and then to the left of him, a picture in the clouds of a lion's face with it's  mouth open, with what looks like smoke coming out of it's mouth toward Donald Trump!

As an Apostolic Ambassador of "Our King Jesus,' it is my responsibility to speak, release and write down what the Father says. For this, I will never apologize, step back or stand down from speaking the "Words of the Lord" that He has given and I will always be obedient to release, "His Words" whether through "Written Form or Speaking It."

The "Apostle and Prophet," as well as the other three offices including "Pastor, Teacher, and Evangelist make up the "Five Fold Offices - Thus the "Hand of God!"

All offices, including the beautiful, "Body of Christ," are to allow the "Spirit of Prophecy" to flow. Yet many of the religious will always try to vex the "Spirit of God" from speaking or try and shut down the "Word" from flowing - By down playing "God's Word," because it is not according to their own religious agenda!

We are to speak the "Word of Truth," God is releasing no matter who opposes it - Especially if the Word, is opposite of the religious, their denominations and the spirit of intimidation!

I answer to Father Alone as You, and We Must Pronounce and Proclaim the "Word of The Lord" no matter what other's are speaking. 

As with the Apostle Paul, I say to You, "Covet to Prophesy" the Word of the Lord!

God has spoken the following words to me and I have again, written them down exactly as the Father has spoken them. Never think for a moment that our God is not invloved in Our Lives, and doesn't care about what is happening around us!

For those who would say, God isn't involved in Government - The Word of God clearly says, He is!

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”  

Isaiah 9:6

Standing on "God’s Sure Word of Prophecy,"

Dr. Brett Watson

Friday 8/13/21 - Word of the Lord!

"For I Am About to Vindicate and Bring Great Recompense to My Son Donald and My Faithful One's who have stood with Him, says the Lord!

For he has gone face to face against the lion of this world, his hords of hell and demonic influences and their satanic agendas! 

My Trump and My Faithful Elect, who discern and know the Times and the Truth, have stood and prevailed against hell's assignment to try and bring "My America" into Ruins! 

I say, a resounding No! The dragon's agenda will not prosper! It will not manifest and I will retaliate Now against them all! For as the lion has shouted his lies through chaos and fear, I say, "The Great I AM is Here and the "True Lion of the Tribe of Judah" will Now Roar and shut their mouths - With My Power and Authority!! 

Hear Me clearly, declares Your God! For I have heard Your Prayers and Your cries! I have smiled upon your Resilient Violent Faith! 

I have given "Marching Orders" to "My Waring Hosts of Heaven" and have released them to bring swift Justice to the enemy and these workers of darkness. Their time is nigh, says the Lord of Hosts! 

Oh the events that are occurring and will occur for all to see! I will expose openly to reveal what these evil workers have conjured up and devised in secret.

My Anointing is on "My Trump" and I will use him to complete the work I have begun through him. 

The enemy has always planned to deceive the masses, but I have placed a "Stop Injunction' against him and what his plan would have entailed, I will NOW interrupt all agendas opposite of "My Plan!"

"My Trumpet," who was in "The Anointed Seat of President," Still occupies that Seat, though the agenda of hell would have you believe otherwise!

I say, Watch for all will see! 

'My Hand of Justice" is Now moving upon the earth and in America! An "Overturning" of the current villain and this Illigitamate administration's mockery, will be ceased and silenced with My Justice! I Will Prevail, says the Lord!

The Time for the Fall and Demise of their Baal worship and the spirit of Jezebel's reign of terror is Now! Watch as I will make a spectical of them! I will bring the demise of the enemy and his imps to be shown in a public manner! 

My Prophets are rising and shall arise even more so! For the "Spirit of Elijah and Boldness" shall Now come upon "My Own" and will call upon Me to release the Fire! 

I will bring "My Great Fire" from Heaven to consume the sacrifice!

As for the democrat's platform and agenda, and those who wear the priestly garment, but yet stand on the far left's side, joining hands with the enemy in secret, through politics and secret handshakes, with deals being made and  compensation given - Will see a great falling!

Because of their heart postionings with this, they have brought curse upon themselves and will see major exposure and collapse of this platform, and their own ministries. 

The shaking has occurred and will continue greater now! Watch as I said, it is happening and will become fierce and violent to the workers of this agenda and darkness.

Am I not A God of Holiness? Have I not spoken and asked you to hold dear My Ways and My Heart, so "My Agenda" and the "Will of Heaven" could be manifested in the earth? Have I not asked for You to be "A Watchman on The Wall," and not come down? 

I say, "My Words and My Ways" have not changed! Many have allowed their hearts to turn, and have allowed the enemy to sift them as wheat! Woe to you! REPENT of your ways and come back to Me! 

I am bringing forth "My Will" and I say, come to Me now, lest you find yourself in the fire!

It is Time for All to see who is the "True God!" Oh the enemy and prophets of baal call for a showdown! I say, a showdown I will bring to them!

For I will show forth signs in the heavens and in the earth! All will know "I Am that I Am," and You will rejoice that "I Am Your Father!"

I will rearrange and bring back into order now, what has been out of order! I will adjust ALL Accordingly! The "Hand of God" is bringing down great force and from it great shakings will be manifested! 

Rejoice that you know "My Word" and know the "Truth," so when you see these things, you will know of what I have spoken through "My Servant" this day!

Trust Me and do not be afraid, but rest in "My Shadow!" Be Mine, says the Lord of Hosts! Call upon Me and I will answer you. Rejoice and Give Me Praise, for Now you shall see "Great Rewards and Much Blessings" to "My Faithful Ones!"

There is a Turning happening Now, and though it has been what some would call a slow process, know that much has been dealt with and in this last turning of ALL Things, the Knowledge of Truth will be known, and those in darkness will run to hide from the light, but will not find the hiding spots they seek.

There will be no dark alley, tunnel or cave they will be able to go to, Nay, it is Time for "My Light" to shine and "My Glory" to be known! All deeds of darkness will now be exposed!

"I Am" moving - Rejoice that You are on the side of Truth, says Your God!"


Dr. Brett Watson

Intl. Conference Speaker/Pastor/CEO

Emerge Life Church

Brett Watson Ministries, Inc

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