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Thought From My Heart

Ladies and Gentlemen, Let me interject this: "Thought from My Heart!" My posts of "Encouragement" are not taken from a book or seminar that I have attended, but from "Life Experiences" that I too have gone through or am currently experiencing!  I have honestly had a very difficult life, contrary to what most might think. I have always been the under dog that had to work harder for everything I wanted to accomplish.  It was Never just given to me. The moments where I saw the "Favor of God" cover and  impact my "Life Situations" have been countless - to many to even take the time to mention at this moment. But every time, I have been amazed and humbled to experience "God's Divine Favor and Grace" on my Life (which at times I didn't deserve)! So without taking a lot of time with this post, please know most times, the very words I speak to you are the very words "I Need to Hear (Read)" to "Encourage Myself&