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Gate Keepers

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Word "Gate Keeper" just "Echoed in my Spirit!" I immediately remembered this picture that was taken in my newest "New Chapter Photo Shoot" and thought about how this picture was so appropriate for the following short teaching. I want to remind you today that "WE" are a "GATE KEEPERS!" Spiritually Speaking - Whatever "We" do will "Open the Gates for Blessings or Curses in our Lives!" God has given "All of Us" a responsibility to uphold "Kingdom Principles and Standards" - Please remember the "Choices and Actions" we make will affect us positively or negatively!   We must uphold "Godly Principles" if we truly want to see the "Blessings of the Kingdom to Over-Take us!"  Remember the "Church is not a Company" - But a "Governing Body of Spiritual Beings" created by God with "His Spiritual Laws" t