My Blessings & Abundance are Now Coming Forth With!


(3:11 AM Father Began) 

For the shift has begun as I have spoken of. All things have now begun to come together in proper alignment according to My Plan, Says the Lord. 

Those things out of order shall be brought into order so that the moving forth of My Plan is manifested. For I say to you, Shift into the Now! I say again, You Must shift into the Now Workings of My Sprit.

For I Am Moving and I Am shifting All things. Hear Me says the Lord, Shift, lest you miss what I do from the Spiritual realms into the natural.

The releasing of "My Blessings and Abundance are Now Coming Forth With!" 

I have begun and I will complete the release as I have Promised.  Rejoice and Bless My name as I bring you into Great Times of refreshing, Declares the Lord.

Yes, Refreshings shall come and You will know that I have begun advancing My People into the days of Glory. My Glory, My Glory shall be released! I will reach the unreachable and touch the untouchable with My Spirit. I will save the lost and raise up a generation that are bold, that will call forth My Fire and I will consume them and do great works with them.

Oh don't you see? For the Time is here for Great Signs and Wonders! Watch Now, for the Days of Awe is Here! My Hand is not easily shortened and My Ways are Just and True. What I do, I do to bring forth the allotted Plan I have established for My Kingdom in the earth!  I Am advancing and I will Triumph For You, Declares the Lord.

Oh if thou would trust Me and Not Doubt. I say, Trust and hold onto the Promises that I have told you. For you will surely see them come to pass now in this Time.

The shaking has begun and will continue. I Am bringing down those that have mocked Me and said to Me in their arrogance - I am too powerful and nothing can stop me, not even God. 

Ha, I laugh at the haughty and the proud. I laugh at their ways and how they have aligned themselves with the darkness.

For it shall all fall in a domino effect. I will start with one and then another and then you will hear, as they all begin to fall.

I have said, Enough! I have seen enough and I will now bring forth judgment upon the wicked. I will empower My People and position them in high places, in My church, in the government politically and otherwise. 

For those that I position in high places will be known of Me - And those observing will say, surely they walk with God.  For I Am advancing My Kingdom and it will be known, declares Your God! 

My elect will lift up their eyes to the hills which comes their help. For My own know My voice and another they will not follow. I say, surely the time has now come for My outstretched hand toward those who have found favor in My sight.

I will touch them now with My Favor and Multiplication, says the Lord. What was not, will become. What was little, will be Much and where there was nothing, I shall make something. I will multiply and bring forth miracles. It will surely be known as The season of Awe!

I will do what others said, can not be done. Oh ye of little faith. I Am able and will do exceedingly abundantly above all you ask of think. I Am going to stun the masses in this hour declares the Lord.

Hold on for the ride of your life. It is an exciting journey ahead for My Faithful One's! It will be days and years of advancement and rejoicing!

But for the wicked, I say it will be what you had hoped would never take place. For surely, you have shaken your fists in My face and challenged Me, one too many times, as you have plotted dark deeds in secret. I say, Nay! Nothing can help you now. Your seeds have been sown, Behold Your harvest now comes.

It will be a season of Awe, for the righteous and for the wicked. For the rain shall now fall on the just and the unjust. The Harvest of the Fall has come.

To My Faithful and My Elect - I say, Trust Me and Listen, as I will give you instructions and advancing revelations to move into the Greater Realms that I have for You Now.

For the rain has now been multiplied and the Advancing Anointing has been released! It is Time My Children! 

Gird yourselves up and prepare Now for the movement of My Hand.

I Am shifting All. The last shall be first and the first shall now be last, declares the Lord. Man's ways are not My ways! I move higher, in higher heights with deeper realms, and deeper depths.

I say, Stay in My Presence and Worship Me. Rejoice and Give Me Praise - For Your Hour has come, Declares the Lord. (4 AM The end)

Dr. Brett Watson 


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