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Now is the Appointed Time of Acceleration and Victory!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Early this morning I had an open Vision, Visitation and Encounter from the Lord with Vivid Clarity into the Spirit Realm as I also saw a demonic entity trying to hinder my advancement.  For over 31 years of ministry as well as 50 years in a Pastors home, I have fought hell, seen demons and angels and warred for My Promises! I have been visited by angels, been taken into supernatural trances more times than I can count into Glory Realms and seen Jesus face to face. I have had supernatural experiences all my life and could continue on and on with Truth and what happens when you are totally sold out for the Lord and the warfare you endure when His Assignment is on your life..... However, What I am about to share, is the first time I have ever experienced anything like this.  Straight to the Open Vision and Experience: At 4 am this morning, Sunday January 16th, 2022 - "A Huge Demonic Principality" showed up before me as I was being transported into a "N

I Come Now With A Shout!

Saturday 3:08 - 3:11 PM - 1/8/22 Word of the Lord "I Come Now With A Shout!" "For many of My children Hear Me Loud with My Voice - Yes Its A Great Shout, I have come to set you Free - The time is Now to Break You Out! You have been held captive in a moment of pause and delay, like a horse ready to start a race in a whole new way - Unable to move, but ready to begin, I say Yes The Time has come to release you, Its Now Time to Begin Again on this day of Eight - I declare the New Beginings and It will Be Great! All the past and bondage will be freed from you as You start when the bell rings, you'll have no doubt its the Bell of New Beginnings with Blessings Coming Straight from Me!  The time has come for the Great Release with My Shout! You will rise up Now and Go forward in Great Strength and Vigor - As I Say, "Go" with My Echoing Voice - Spoken Straight from My Mouth! No more Bondage or Chains, your current situation will be freed and change at last. So rejo

2022 - Watch & See - I'm Going to Set You Free!"

 Ladies and Gentlemen,  At 10:11 PM on New Years Eve (12/31/21), Father began to speak in Rhyme a Powerful Corporate Word! I began typing the Word as Quickly as He was speaking it.   He ended the Word and then continued it, with Part 2, as He woke me up at 3:13 AM on 1/1/22. The Word begins as follows, Praise Unto Our Amazing God!!  Get Ready!!! It's Our Time! Dr. Brett Watson  "Word of the Lord" - Part 1 "2022 watch and see - this will be the year I set you free. The time has come for all things new, the enemy has done all to keep it from you, but I say, its here and I Say enter in, its the new and time for new beginnings!  Restoration, Recompense and Vindication too, the Release of Wealth, Treasures and Breakthough I give to you! It will be an Era as never before, My Kingdom Comes and All shall be restored. The king of Glory shall Now come in, I will cause millions to come to me, I will free them from there sin. For New I say in every way, the time has come  For My