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Trump Prophecy Released 8.8.22

     The Dream and it's Entirety is below to read. Here is the direct link to YouTube to watch and listen. The following Dreams and Prophetic Words were given on 3.16.22 The first Word was a Vivid Victorious Dream of President Donald Trump and then a strong Prophetic Word from the Lord! I held until 8.8.22 and then released it as instructed by the Lord. 6:58 Am 3/16/22 I woke up from a victorious dream! A feeling of Shock and Awe! I have never dreamt with such pride and a feeling of Victory in all of My life!!!! I had to shake myself as I opened my eyes - as the dream Father gave me was so real! I stood in the distance and began to hear the noise, the beat of a new drum - a cadence and a shout! I heard the steps of the military moving as a fierce force to be reckoned with! I saw as in the front lines of those moving towards me, the Patriots were holding up and waving a line of America Flags! Then I began to watch as President Donald Trump "EMERG