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The Shift of All Shifts - Look To July!

June 30, 2021 - 1AM  - "Word of the Lord" " For You are about to see Me shift the whole Paridigm in a "Magnitude Shift" unlike anything You have ever seen, says the Lord. For as I said, "I would cause a Sudden Boom, have you not seen as the Flower has already began to bloom?" Pay attention and watch, keep your eyes clear, continue steadfast and unmoveable for My Spirit is so Near!  Watch Now and on into July, Oh Give Me Praise, for Now is the Time to Rejoice and come out of the caves!  Celebrations shall be experienced as July Fourth shall come with a Bang, The skies above and torrential rains! The Release of Blessings has Now Come!!!!   For I will bring "Miraculous Miracles" - Those who've been in bondage, handicapped and bound by life event's, wheel chairs, financial woes, who have cried out to My Son, I Will Now break Free and they will begin to Run!!!! I am pouring out My Glory and All will see and Know, I Am the God of Miracles

The Roar - Justice Comes!

9:58 PM 06/01/21 . 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Thus says the Lord, The Time alotted for Repentance, has now expired as the last grain of sand has fallen through the Hour Glass. I have gone through the earth and weighed the church! I have measured you, says the Spirit. Many have been found wanting! They speak with religious tones and their actions speak louder than their words. As was with My Sampson in centuries past, gone by -  They shake themselves, yet their is no power, no anointing, no conviction and miracles aren't even petitioned for.  They don't know "My Presence" has now left them, for they do not know me.  I have weighed the scales and will now bring forth justice and the harvest to each, for all seeds sown in previous seasons, good and bad. The "Weight of My Glory" will now come and expose from the highest lofty place to the lowest, bringing forth a "Spirit of Humility and Repentance!"  I Am moving across this land of America giving to each the

June Will Be A Sudden Boom, As The Flower Shall Bloom, But Will Bring Evil Doers To Their Doom!

  Ladies and Gentlemen,  I was overcome with God's Presence and then these words from Him followed. I grabbed my cell and began to type as fast as He gave them to me at 10:10 PM. He urged me to post this Word for the month of June.  **Note** In 31 Years of ministry and speaking the Prophetic Word of the Lord, He has never spoken through me as you are about to read in Rhymes. I will be in prayer as to get more understanding and meaning from this Word for June. This Word is Loaded and begins with Him speaking concerning our "Perception" and how we are to see with what is in front of us now in the natural realm. God does not waste His Time or mine. When He speaks, I write or type it down as He says. I do Not add or Take Away! All Glory to Him alone! Please be in prayer, and place yourself before Him to hear from Him strategically as He directs you for this Month and New Era of His Kingdom Purpose! June's Word is as follows: God said, "Do not stare and do not glare,