"I Am Turning The Tide & Bringing A Great Awakening!"

 Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please understand we are living in such a different moment in time today.  The church MUST SHIFT!!! CHURCH AS USUAL IS OVER!


The Shift God is bringing to awaken the mindset of the church in the earth realm, thus changing the Paridigm  in massive ways - Will be done with God using Major influencers in the world that will cause a major revolt against satan's "Liberal Left Agenda and Plot!"

As I laid my head down to sleep, Father began speaking loudly. He is not sleeping! He is Moving!

Word of the Lord 1:11 AM Friday September 17th, 2021. 

I hear the Lord Say, "Watch as I transform, revamp and shift all. I will use influencers that were trapped and in chains and give them a Saul to Paul Encounter with Me, declares the Lord!! Oh watch now, as My Plan will shift and expose and bring forth a change, as I operate beyond and outside of the Religious Box!

I laugh, and say My Plan is Perfect and I will bring the masses to Me, as I reverse the plan of the enemy and cause many to see clearly! Oh, how I will cause the lefts agenda to crumble internally and release even greater confusion and disruption now in their own camp.

The puppet master's won't be able to stop all of "Their Pawns," that will shake themselves and rise up in revolt against what they have been activated to do, in this hour.  The enemy has used these individuals for far too long. I will have My Way, says the Lord!

The shift and exposure is here! The camp of the enemy will turn on each other. One thing shall lead to another and the dominoes will continue to fall. The collapse of hells agenda for this time is nigh. Behold, I work and move in ways beyond your ways!

Millions will be awakened! The streets shall be flooded with the cries of those that for so long, went along with the left's agenda! But NO MORE, Declares the Lord! They shall say, we have had enough! We want Truth -  And as they fill the streets, My Glory will fall and I will Shift them and Fill them with My Power!

The Shift is here! The Turning of the Tide is Here! I Am Doing A New Thing, Can You not See it? Awaken, and listen to My Words! I Call to you! I Am Calling and Making All Things New!

Come into agreement with Me Now and Declare My Ways! Rejoice Now Declares the Lord!

I Am Moving!"

Dr. Brett Watson

Intl. Conference Speaker/Pastor/CEO

Emerge Life Church

Brett Watson Ministries, Inc



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