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Word of Wisdom, Instruction, Correction & Help

 Word of Wisdom, Instruction, Correction & Help  🔥🙏💯‼️🔥🙏💯‼️🔥🙏💯🔥‼️🔥🙏💯‼️🔥🙏💯 Ladies and Gentlemen, God spoke with me this morning as I was in prayer, concerning my own life and to give you Wisdom Moving forward into your "New Season" that is Just Moments away. I want to help you get Blessed for your New Year 2022 and Beyond!!! While myself and many others are speaking Great Words of "Prophetic Blessings" concerning what is about to take place in our lives and what Father God is about to do for you, your family, ministry and businesses - Please understand that in order to walk into these "Blessings and this New Season of Increase," You've got to be in "RIGHT STANDING WITH GOD AND MAN." People of God, (Including Apostles, Prophets, Pastors,  Teachers) and all Men and Women, of the "True Kingdom of God," Please read this and let this help you and echo into your hearts and spirits, because "ALL OF US, MUST OPERATE

The Mantle of Maria Woodworth Etter

  Prophetic Dream 12/25/21 4:30 AM I entered a museum and was directed to the wall straight ahead of me. In front of me was a white dress in a framed glass box. On the box was the name "Maria Woodworth Etter."  As I looked - The frame opened up and the dress began to fall down and out of the glass that contained it.  I then heard the Voice of the Lord saying, "I'm releasing her mantle into the earth realm! Instagram Accounts: My Glory is about to fall!  I will show My Glory and bring Great Signs and Wonders for those who will pay the price and walk in My Obedience!"  The Dream Ended!  🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @Drbrettwatson @brettwatsonministries @voiceofdestinybrettandmarianne  @emergelifechurch   #PropheticDream #WordOfTheLord #BrettWatson #BrettWatsonMinistries #Jesus #Glory #Jeremiah2911Life Dr. Brett Watson

The Time has come for a Great Bounce!

I say, "Trust Me Now in what I do, it's being released just for you. Do not stress or fret no not one ounce, the time has come for a "Great Bounce!"  You'll bounce right out of the old and into the New, the Greatness of My Hand and Plan is Now Here for You. So Trust Me in this now I say, hear the sound of My Voice, I will cause all fear to be blown away! I will release Great Glory and Light I will reveal, the shreeks of demons Yes they shall now fear!  No more I say, No More - Enough I Am Through, dealing with hell invading My America and Your Families Too! The shaking the quaking oh yes it is has begun, the world will see the Glory of My own Son! They will run to Him and will say His Name, He is Yesterday, Today and Forever the Same! I will cause the heavens to give up what belongs to you, for there is "Christmas Blessings" that I will pour out to you! The enemy has thought he would hold it back from You, but I have brought him a Great Blow, that now c

Fall in the Fall, My Prophets were Right!

Word of the Lord!  9:30 AM 12/14/21 Father Said,  "The Fall in the Fall, watch and See, "My True Prophets" were right all along and Now You will See! For the release of Great Blessings will flood My People Now, you will watch as I destroy the golden cow!" Dr. Brett Watson

The Awakening of New, My Glory, Vengeance and Abundance Soon!"

Ladies and Gentlemen,  I was working on one of our "Voice of Destiny" videos for the upcoming week, the Lord's Presence came upon me Suddenly. Immediately He began to speak as He always does. The Word He gave me below, is for the Corporate Body! He is moving Saints, Get Ready!  It's Time to Awaken, Dr. Brett Watson 12:15 - 12:30 AM 12/5/21 Rhyming Word of the Lord I'm doing a New thing, think it not strange, what I am about to reveal is going to blow you away! Time travel, and the Dimensions in Me Yet to be seen, get ready I say for the release of Great things!  For I tell you now and I will tell you later too, the day of vengence of your God is soon upon you!  I will bring down every evil work and destroy the plans of Satan too, the workers of iniquity will be burnt up when my Glory passes through! I say, It is Now I am coming to release it Soon!  Oh yes, be ready for the Greater Works I have Promised You! The release of My Promises to those w

It's Not Worth It!

11:00 PM 11/26/21 🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏💯💯💯 Woah! God just said, "They think I'm playing Pattycake & turn My Head with their disobedience. No, that mindset just caused them to lose My Favor!"  That was the mindset of the children of Israel! God told them, "That's ok, you like the desert? Good, take another lap around that mountain!" Yep for 40 years, they kept going around and around!That generation of murmurring, disobedient & complacent generation never saw the land flowing with milk and honey because of their Mindset! "Sir, Mam Please hear me, It's Not even worth it!" Dr. Brett Watson