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It's Time For Major Impact!

Saturday September 15, 2018 - 12:20 PM Father just said, "It's Time for Major Impact!" . . "The season of wondering and waiting is over. You have held on and trusted me for those things hoped for, even though they have been unseen in the natural. I am Impacting Your Atmosphere with Major Favor and Supernatural Increase Now. I am moving in your situations and circumstances says the Lord. All things hindering your progression are now being removed! I am coming with "Major Impact" to Remove and Obliterate the systems and mindsets of past seasons effected by hellish strategies to bring demise against the plans and purposes I have for you says the Lord! I am bringing a shaking! Yes, with this Impact will cause major shakings to occur, but hold to me as I am the author and finisher of your faith. I am moving and bringing about a swift change of events for my people says the Spirit of the Lord! A great influx of my Power is being released now. Those that

The Lord said, "Vengeance Is Mine!" 9/11/18

Ladies and Gentlemen, As I was preparing a picture to post in remembrance of 9/11 - I clearly heard a Strong Word as the Father spoke and said, "Vengeance is Mine Says the Lord!" Then as I heard Him speak those words He continued: "For I shall bring recompense for those who have had injustice placed upon their Lives, Health, Families, Finances and Destiny. The turn around is Now and I am changing the Landscape and bringing Clarity to all things concerning my People. This is the Appointed Time for the Manifestation of Deliverance. For Now shall be the release of the Wind of Favor and Increase! I am shifting the very nature of things present and things to come. For this shall be known with the changing of the Season says the Lord. All things shall Now become New! For I say, Watch as I begin to move by my hand in all areas in government, regions, territories and clear the atmospheric hindrances that have come against My People as they have been diligent to ful