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"I'm about to Supersede Your Expectations!" 10:31 pm 12.3.22

  The Word of the Lord!  "I'm about to Supersede Your Expectations!" 10:31 pm 12.3.22 "I'm about to Supersede your Expectations, Declares the Lord. I have waited for this time to release My Goodness to you!  For this is the hour that My Hand shall move and you will dance with a Joy that you haven't had in a very long time. You have trusted Me in spite of the difficulties and what the enemy had plotted against you!  You have given Me the Glory for the manifestations of those things hoped for and not yet seen!  I say, You have now arrived to the time of impact! All things Promised and those things you have waited upon, will find you and collide with your tears, bringing sudden Joy and Celebration, where there was heartache and fear - A Hope to encourage and lift you up! For I have so much more of My Blessings to come!  You will be lifted up and given a New Focus in Me! You will look upon My Faithfulness toward you in way that you have not done before. I say, Wa

"I Am Coming to Your Rescue!" Rhyming Word! 11:52 pm 11/16/22

  Word of the Lord - In Rhyme! "I Am Coming to Your Rescue!" Rhyming Word! 11:52 pm 11/16/22  "Hear Me says the Lord, I Am moving Now for you in this Hour! When I tell you this I speak Truth to You, as I Am Moving in Power!  The hours have become days, and months have become years, as You have cried out to Me and wondered when, as I have held all of your tears?  I say to you, The Test has been Great, But Now You will see it begin with this years end.  The Promises, the Details of Visions and Prophetic Words Too, I say Hold on My People, for I Am Coming to You! I Am Coming, I will rescue You Now, It is Time to release the showers of My Love to You in this Glory Hour! My Glory, My Glory I Breathe Upon You, The hour I have promised is being released unto you! I have told you to wait and Trust in Me,  Praising me in spite of all the storms that you see. You've done this, and loved Me in spite of what was thrown at you and more, oh for the pain I will bring to you much, t

I Say, "The Game is Over! Checkmate!" 3:15 PM 11.11.22

  Word of The Lord - In Rhyme I Say, "The Game is Over! Checkmate!"  3:15 PM 11.11.22 "For I the Lord Watch and I laugh at these fools, as they play in folly, by their own set of rules! I have waited until this time and for this day! I hear and see all, not one thing is left out, I say! For their time of ruling and controlling My people is over - Oh yes their time is short, I say to you on this day - I Am bringing forth Judgement and it will be done My Way! I Roar upon those who have pounced on My Own Tribe, America - To devour and steal My children away - I've pronounced their Judgement with a shout, The echo of My Voice, will be known without any doubt, in the upcoming days! I have looked upon them, I have shook My head, as they taunted Me and said,  "We have won again, no matter what anyone has to say. We are the rule, we decide our own fate - No God or judge will change what we do or what we say! We are God's, we control all, there's no one to hold u

"For I Am Coming with a Vengeance!" 1:21 AM 10.30.22

  Word of The Lord!  "For I Am Coming with a Vengeance!"   1:21 AM 10.30.22 For I Am coming with a  Vengeance  declares the Lord! I have seen the adversary and his attempts to bring demise, sinister plots and travesty upon My People!  As with the traps and devices hell has sought to establish to hinder you, I say Nay! It will not work and they will be hung upon their own ropes, and ensnared by their own devices sent to delay you My Children.  The children have been hells focus and I Am putting an end to this nightmare. Many have experienced the devastation of their child going missing or abused. I have not turned an deaf ear to the cries of My People. I Am coming to make the wrongs right! I Am a caring God to those who love and fear Me. But I Am a Lion to Roar against those who oppose Me or hinder in any way My little ones!! I will be your defender!  I say, It is Time Now and I will bring recompense and Vindication declares the Lord! The moment has come - Where I will turn ba

"I'm Breaking My People Free!" 10.16.22 12:18 AM

  Word of The Lord! "I'm Breaking My People Free!" 10.16.22 12:18 AM "For I Am coming Now to Break My People Free! I have seen the bondage and the chains, I have seen the enemy's devices and the oppressed state of mind that My Own People have been in. I say, Enough! For I Am Breaking My People Free! This is the Hour of Great Deliverance and Breakthrough! This is the hour I will bring forth My Way and My Agenda! The entrapment, devices and enslavement of your minds and emotional states have been causing you to miss the mark and focus on those things the enemy would use to distract you. I say, look to Me once again! Do not allow those things the enemy has used in days gone by, to again distract and detour your vision. Misdirection is the assignment of the enemy. From misdirection, comes clouded vision and then comes the fear of what's ahead by the worry caused by the misdirection and misguided steps. The plan of the opposer is to keep you looking away. To cause