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"I Am Turning The Tide & Bringing A Great Awakening!"

 Ladies and Gentlemen, Please understand we are living in such a different moment in time today.  The church MUST SHIFT!!! CHURCH AS USUAL IS OVER! "GOD IS MOVING AND OH SLEEPER, YOU MUST AWAKEN NOW!" GOD IS NOT IN THE COOKIE CUTTER MOLD! HE IS NOT RELIGIOUS! The Shift God is bringing to awaken the mindset of the church in the earth realm, thus changing the Paridigm  in massive ways - Will be done with God using Major influencers in the world that will cause a major revolt against satan's "Liberal Left Agenda and Plot!" As I laid my head down to sleep, Father began speaking loudly. He is not sleeping! He is Moving! Word of the Lord 1:11 AM Friday September 17th, 2021.  I hear the Lord Say, "Watch as I transform, revamp and shift all. I will use influencers that were trapped and in chains and give them a Saul to Paul Encounter with Me, declares the Lord!! Oh watch now, as My Plan will shift and expose and bring forth a change, as I operate beyond and outside

The Hour of Greatness is Here!

You can watch this Powerful Prophetic Word of The Lord on YOUTUBE at the link below. "The Prophetic Word!" Episode 7 - Dr. Brett Watson - "The Hour of Greatness is Here!" 9.5.21 Youtube Link: Ladies and Gentlemen, Happy New Year!! We have just crossed over Prophetically into the Jewish Calendar year of "5782" - "The Year of the Voice of the Son! Rosh Hashanah began on the Evening of September 6 and is Celebrated through September 8th, followed by '10 days of Awe" to Yom Kippur! Father God began speaking the "Word of the Lord" to me on The "Eve" of Rosh Hashanah, at 7:25 AM Sunday Morning before our Emerge Life Service began. The Word God gave me is included in this Glory Filled Video. Dr. Brett Watson  7:25 AM September 5, 2021 For My people have come into their day of advancement. If they could only understand the past seasons have caused the advancing. Their Faith in Me through the Tests hav

A Powerful Expedited Season of Advancement!"

  Ladies and Gentlemen, I know you've heard it before, but By the Spirit of the Lord, I tell you again, and read this clearly: This is the New Season where those who were with you and not of the Spirit of God that resides "IN" You, will leave you. The businesses you were involved in, that were not operating in "Kingdom Alignment" from the head, will disconnect from you or God Himself will shut it down! The Father is realigning You Now in this Very Moment for what is about to manifest in your life! They can not go with you and God is not allowing you to associate with them any longer!! God will not allow "Dead Weight Sitters" to hold you down, stay in the position of the assigned men and women He has planned for your life - As well as, to hold you back any longer! He is shifting All Things Concerning You Now! Be available and Obedient to do what He tells you to do, no matter what it is! No matter what the cost, no matter how your flesh shouts out at you