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Are "YOU" The One?

Ladies and Gentlemen,   I am sure - many of you   might be wondering - "What is He doing in this Picture?" I’ll never forget an “Awakening” that I had that was inspired by the Hollywood movie – Matrix, in 1999.   Let me explain! When the first "Matrix" movie came out - I was dealing with a lot in my life! It was ev en to the point of giving up - Anyone ever been there? I'll never forget the intense drawing I felt from the Lord to go see the movie! See God speaks to us through movies, billboards, nature, music and with His still small voice. Please hear me when I tell you - Never get so religious that you believe the only way God speaks to us is at church, a Prophet or through the "Word of God" - If you do, you have limited "Our Creator" to a small paradigm that He cannot operate in. God is too “Big” to be confined into a small space! When we allow our mindset to hinder the vision God has given to us, what you are doing is l