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"What is Your Passion?"

Ladies and Gentlemen - "YOU" have "THIS MOMENT" and "NOW" is the "TIME" to Run with it!!  What is Your Passion?  What is it that makes "YOU" Fulfilled?? I am asked this question all across this nation and around the world by people who have been misdirected and told to pray about it for another year! Sometimes we can  become "TOO SPIRITUAL" for even God to  use us! God has given us the Holy Spirit to speak to us and guide us, as well as, Wisdom (Our heads on our shoulders) to use! You have prayed and God has released it inside of you already!  Please Understand This: "YOUR GOD CENTERED PASSION" is God's "GREEN LIGHT TO YOU!"  It's Burning on the inside of you!! It"s wanting to be a REALITY!!  It's not time to ask God anymore, "What is it that I am to do?"  YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS!!  It's on the Inside of YOU 'BURNING" and "NOW" is the "TIME for it to b