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"Don't Walk - Dance!"

*Before I begin, I must tell you this Blog is a thought provoking one.   It is not intended to offend anyone, but cause you to think about your life, how you speak  and if you are really living your life to the fullest.     Are you really enjoying a “Balanced Life?”   It’s only here for a moment…. Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m a Pastor’s kid, have been in the church all my life and travel extensively across the nation and around the world.   I am behind a lectern or on a platform most of the time speaking to thousands of people. So if anyone knows about being spiritual, it’s me.   But today, I began to really think about my own life and what God really expects us to have. I came to the very quick conclusion -  It’s to live a "Balanced Life" and enjoy the "Life" He has given us, as well as, fulfilling our purpose.   We must “LEARN” how to do both! Today, I saw this picture and thoughts begin to echo through my mind.   The Picture says, “Don’t Wa

God Promotes In "HIS TIMING!"

Ladies and Gentlemen, This is Very Important and you must understand - God isn't as concerned about how Big your  ministry is, as He is concerned about how Big Your Heart is toward Him. Please do not misunderstand - God wants to promote you and expand your ministry - but He wants to make sure your heart is in Love with Him and seeking Him first. Many are trying to be the next MR. and Mrs. "HolyWood" with the lights and the stardom, But their HEART is far from God - Please come back to relationship first and GOD will be the one to build you and your ministry. Many have asked me, How did you do it? How did you go on TBN? How do you rub shoulders with Great Men and Women of God? Please hear me closely..... I did not promote myself. I did not ask to be on TBN. I did not run after people! God brought them to me and HE made it happen! When you Love Him First - He will give you the favor that is necessary, so that others find you, give to you and assis

Being Spiritually Sensitive to God Moments!

*Twelve:   The number of Divine Government and Apostolic rule.   It’s the epitome of consummate divine and human ruler-ship under creator God.   Twelve is the number of Gods covenanted ones in power and authority.   It’s the number of natural creatures holding spiritual power of the government in their hands. ~ The Prophetic Dictionary – Paula A. Price, PH.D.   12/12/12 Ladies and Gentlemen,  On 12/12/12 - We embarked on a moment in history that many will never see again and others will not see for another millennium!   We are experiencing an amazing shift in timing. If never before You “MUST” pay attention now! Your Destiny, as well as, receiving strategic revelation from the Kingdom of God, depends on your awareness to time, seasons and most importantly what God is saying in this “Moment.” Many individuals look at dates as just another day and do not recognize the “Moment.”   We must understand that God speaks in so many ways outside of the “BOX” – Beyond ou