My Time of Magnification and Illumination is Here!


Word of The Lord - Sunday 12:33AM 3.27.22 My Time of Magnification and Illumination!" YouTube Video Link: Have I changed? Do I speak just to waste My Voice? Why do you question Me? Why do you ask of Me if I have forgotten? Why would I speak at all if I was not to fulfill My Word to You? Have I not said that My Word would NOT come back void? Doesn't My Word say, I Am not a man that I would lie? I say Now, Hold Your Peace and Rejoice! For I hear You and Your God is coming Forth with a Sound and a vengeance for those who mock and are disruptors to cause havoc in the streets, in the air, to my little one's and through the media! I say Watch now, as My Hand will cause those who mock Me and shout fear to the masses, to be silenced - Never to speak or disrupt again! Enough! I am God and I will not be mocked! I have said, I AM moving and I will do exactly as I have spoken through the mouths of My Prophets! Trust Me with all of your being and hold My Hand! Do Not Let Go! For Now the Kingdom Moves and Advances! Now is the time I will equip My Faithful with Much to bring forth "My Agenda" and fulfill My Plans in the earth realm! I will disrupt and strip away all of those who work deeds in the darkness and do it in spite of Me! I say, No they will not see for themselves, this new season of breakthrough and wealth that I AM bringing forth! It will evade them. My Own shall see Great Triumph and Victory after Victory! But those who have worked furiously to try and disrupt and bring chaos and calamity, will wish they had held their peace and not joined forces with the darkness. The covenants made with blood will be exposed and the Light will bring forth the details of all they thought would remain hidden. For I will remove the veal and all will see. I say, what you see today will change and be no more! I will cause much to begin to change now and many will say, it has happened so fast! How could this be? I say, it is ME! I do A NEW THING! I bring forth the change needed to advance My Agenda and Plan! I will reveal the New and Many will say how can this be? How can this transpire? This is beyond all logic and beyond the political system! I say, I laugh at man's thoughts and limited mindsets! I do not operate in your small paradigms of thought! I Am Higher Heights and Greater Depths! I laugh at your questions, to limit Me and cause Me to move in your world of limited thinking and patterns! I AM God! I created all! I established with one word! I say, I will cause the Plan of My Kingdom to advance and My David to sit on His seat! I will reverse all that the enemy has done to try and bring forth the future and the son of perdition into the time of Now! I laugh, HA!! No he will not! I will stop this now, for it is NOT Time! Have you not discerned the time? Have you not listened to My Spirit as He spoke through My Apostles and Prophets? I have told you the season and times you were in. I have told you I was advancing and bringing forth change! I have said over and over again, that I was moving! I say again, "No demon in hell, or man will be able to stop My Plan!" I say NOW, Rejoice! Praise Me! Work with Me and Not against Me! Hold firm to My Promises given to you and Prepare now for a shock and awe season! For now I will bless My Own and curse those in the same motion of My Hand, to those who have worked against me and chosen to side with the one I defeated at calvary! You say, I Am a child of God - I am Yours Lord - Yet you speak out of the other side of your mouth that of vulgarities and gossip! You touch My anointed with your tongue and allow the enemy to use you and activate you to hinder and disrupt My Faithful ones! DO YOU NOT SEE? I tell you the Truth, Now You will see! Oh Yes, all will see clearly! For Now is the time to bring forth the Great Reveal! I will cause My Magnifying Glass to show the details! For those who have fought My Truth and My Warriors of Truth, Woah to You! You have been weighed and have been found wanting! To the elites, I speak a direct word to you now from My Throne! I will strip you of your wealth, your idols and your devices of pleasure. I will remove your power and your seats of influence, never again to rise up. This is your end! Cuomo, I say Nay! You will not rise up again! Though you want too come back into the political picture, I say again, Nay - You are done! I will advance New York and cause My Light to shine there. You have done enough damage, and will do NO more! I will take over the city of New York with My Glory and the heathen will come to the streets, where they will fall to their knees and ask for a savior! I will meet them there and save them, heal them, and deliver them! I will cause My Glory to sweep across the earth and invade the cities that have been abandoned by those who said they carried My Word, yet they were in it for themselves and what they could receive, not to give out! It will be in the headlines, on the TVs and Online about what is happening! I say, Oh yes, prepare! For there will be a famine in your land, but I will cause great signs and wonders to take place! I will bring forth supernatural displays of My Power and My Glory! As you read in My Word, I say, Now I will multiply and bring forth much from little. I will cause My Great and Glorious works to be displayed once again and all will come to Me and say, Jesus, You Are Lord! This is the hour I have promised to My Faithful One's that of Goodness and the fat of the land! Yes I say, for my people I will spread the table of Plenty in the presence of your enemies! This is the day of The Vengeance of Your God to those who are workers of iniquity. Those who have placed their hands into the hand of the evil one. Transparency, Transparency, Transparency is what is about to occur! I will bring Transparency! I have placed the magnifine glass upon your land and all will see the details! All shall now be exposed. I will cause the Light to magnify the darkness! This who creep in secret and walk in darkness will be exposed. Their time has now come to an end. The current house that you call white, shall be known as a place that was filled with darkness. A dark house It has been. But, I am bringing an end to the darkness that has occurred for the current Illegitimate administration and many other previous administrations. I will reveal the darkness that has been operating behind the scenes and beneath the surface. Look upon the light and see, as I magnify all. This season will be known as the "Time of Magnification and Illumination!" As I show forth the details, many shall be seen as Great Manipulators of the Truth from many executive leaders in the financial sectors. From Wallstreet and the banking sector, I will cause many to be found out and exposed of their manipulations. From Political circles in government, to corporations again Wallstreet to the church street - You will see these men and women removed from the secrets they have hidden from the public. It is a time of the dismantling of hidden agendas and secrets. My hand is digging up the details and exposure will bring these individuals to the forefront for all to see. Pelosi, they will drag you away in shackles to be seen no more. Your verbiage of hate and disorder disgusts Me! Schumer, it is over. They will openly display your other side hidden to the world. Transparency has now come declares the Lord! To this current Illegitimate administration and the puppet masters holding the strings, I Say hear Me this day, Your agenda with Ukraine will be found out. The behind the scenes deals done in darkness will come to light and Exposure will come for all who had their hand in it to destroy a beautiful land and people. I say enough! It is not as it seems. For the media portrays the twisted plot of the enemy, but he will be exposed and found out. Russia, your greed for power and pride will bring forth the fall from within your borders! Putin, you are not a king. I will expose you for all the world to see. Though you have had in times past a heart to do good, you dance with the darkness and have stood before me being judged. Your reign shall come to an end. Oh yes, it is much deeper than what you see on the surface. The many that walk in darkness and plot with evil intentions, with blood on their hands. To Hollywood and Disney, Leaders of nations and those who walk in political power, Hear Me this day! You have involved My children in your sick plots and schemes. It has always been your intention to use the blood of My little ones for your selfish gain! Their innocent blood covers you as you give your praise to moloch. I will bring forth retaliation and vindication for My children. Must I ask directly? Will you sell a soul for 30 pieces of silver? I say, I know too well what you will do for money! I was sold for silver and hung on a cross, exposed for all to see! I say you have had time to repent! You have had time to turn from your wicked ways! But you have not and I say, Enough! I will flip over their money tables and expose you! I will cause My Illumination to invade your agendas and parties, where you sit and boast of your blood money gained at my children's expense! I will shake and shake again! I will expose and expose again! There will be so much truth exposed concerning those who have hidden the Truth - They will not be able to hide it any longer! As one report comes, another will fill the headlines! To My Own and the world, I say oh get ready now, as You will see all! The Shaking has begun and will continue until I cause every last one of the rats to scatter! They will scurry away to try and hide, but will be found out and taken from their luxuries and penthouses. Their lavish schemes will be exposed! They will be sent into the pit, shackled with chains - To be tormented for the deeds done in darkness for centuries. Their harvests of seeds sown has now come! The very plans they have set for My people, they themselves will be trapped and caught up in. For as Haman set the the trap to hang Mordecai, and the reverse happened, as he himself was hung in the noose he created for another - I say, Now You will see the traps and devices reversed, to trap the very ones who set them up for another! The end has now come for this past seasons and years of these deceitful manipulators! My New chapter of Light - With the Release of My Breath and Glory Now Begins! It is Now the Time of My Illumination! Lift Me Up and Watch, as I Exalt My Name through those who Love Me, The Exaltation and Advancement of My Kingdom and Release Forth My Glory! Watch Now for all this and More! Hear My Words - Listen as I Speak, I fulfill and I Declare it from My Thone! Watch for the remaining days of March and the month of April for what I do. It is Time, Says Your God! Dr. Brett Watson Apostle / International Conference Speaker TV Host - Voice of Destiny CEO / Founder Emerge Life Church Brett Watson Ministries, Inc. Office Email: To Give A Prophetic Seed into this Word, Go To: Www.EmergeLife.Org CASHAPP: $DrBWatson VENMO: BrettWMin Zelle:


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