"Father God spoke to Me on July 16th, at 3:07 PM in the afternoon. I had just put our youngest daughter Hannah to sleep and was walking through the house when this Word dropped Suddenly and God began Speaking the following "Rhyming Word!" Honestly, I'm in awe at how God is moving right now in our lives! The Power and Presence of Jehovah is increasing daily. He is about to Drop His Glory in a "Suddenly Moment" that will leave all of us in a state of Shock and Awe! 

Get Ready to Rejoice - God is about to Release Much to those of us who have been found Faithful! America is being Reset to the Plans and Purposes of Our Father! HE IS FAITHFUL - REJOICE!" 

Dr. Brett Watson 

Word of The Lord! 7/16/21 3:07 PM

Rejoicing, Rejoicing, Rejoicing is what I hear!
Rejoicing, Rejoicing Rejoicing Let Me be clear!

I said. It would be and I do not lie, I said it was time and now you will see it, no more time shall go by.

This is Your Hour of Vindication I say unto thee, Watch As My hand smacks down every attack, assignment and device of the enemy! 

The evil doers shall see their doom, as I promised you that it would be soon.

This is the hour of Recompense and Release of Restoration too, it is the Season of Rejoicing as I manifest My Plan Soon!!

The Hour you've waited For, as you've prayed and fasted too, will be released suddenly Now, without delay, as I multiply and bring unto you even more than you had thought I would Restore!

For it is the time of restoration, Multiplication and Increase in front of you, I will bring about change of the guard, bring up many and take down others too - It will be a swift move of My Hand with Powerful Redemption too!

My Plan that I have Promised is finally at the door, All will be restored - I am speeding up the clock, watch Now I say, Your God will not be mocked!!

All that I have said, through My prophets let me be clear, will manifest in an instant for all to see and all hear!

The resounding shout of Praise will errupt with relief and cheer, all will know again that their Father loves them so dear.  

Many will be awakened and much will be known - Its Time that all will reap exactly what they have sown! 

Yes, there will be many with what is shown will bring much shock, but nothing compares to the "Awe of My Glory" that all will see Me drop! 

Watch as it all comes to pass, in the hours that is to come, many will be left with their mouths open and will know what I have done.  

"Truth" is in the process, as the time you've waited will reveal, I'm not a man that I would lie, the hour is near - I spread the table for "My Elect" to have their "Awaited Meal!"

For in the presence of your enemies, its the hour to have your awaited feast, the time is now upon you My children, I will expose and break a sunder, with Delight - The demise of the defeated beast. 

Watch as My Trump will resume office and My Plans for America will be resumed - The Moment of Truth has come and Heavens Agenda will be released soon!

The time has come that evil will be crushed, I will show forth My Hand in the earth realm and the voices of darkness will be hushed!

Rejoice,  I say Rejoice - For Your Time has Now come - Lift up Your Voices and Glorify My Son, Watch I say, Watch - For what I do will make you undone!

Yes, the Hour is Here, its Nigh upon thee, lift up Your Voice in Praise and Glorify Me!

In Complete and Utter Awe of Our God,

Dr. Brett Watson
Intl. Conference Speaker/Pastor/CEO
Emerge Life Church
Brett Watson Ministries, Inc


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