Joy & Rejoicing!


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Tonight as I was in the shower with shampoo in my hair, God interrupted me as He does so often and began to speak the following word to me. I only share this to reveal to you that God is NOT religious and speaks whenever He wants too. But we must have the ears to hear him, being sensitive to Him at all times and then the most important - Obey. No matter what!

I got out of the shower as quick as I could to get my phone and begin typing what He was speaking. Honestly, I have never rhymed prophetically before in all my years of ministry until the last few months as God has given these words to me.  I am in awe of what He is doing and how He is speaking to me personally. 

I give Him All Glory and All Honor and as you read below, we will all Rejoice Soon! 🎊🎉🎊🎉

In Awe of His Sovereignty,

Dr. Brett Watson

11:45 PM July 1 - 12:20 AM July 2, 2021

God said,

Brett watch Now as I take down the imposter -  satan's tool from off his stool.

Those who mocked you and have called you a fool, for standing up for "My Trump" and "My Rule" will see "Me Vindicate You and All My other Faithful One's who spoke so True - I will  do it openely for All to see, as they will sit in a pool of their own puddle of drool!

Hold on tight for the ride of Your life, its gonna get good I say, as now I come to break off the spirit of strife! 

My people have cried out to Me to reverse and break the chains off with My Might! I say, Now is the time you will Experience Joy - I will bring Victory to their long seasoned fight! 

Rejoice and Praise Me Now for I will interrupt the News! I will cause all to shake their heads and be removed from the blues! Now is not the time to be discouraged or down - "The King and Lion of the the Tribe of Judah," Roars with a resounding sound!

Lift up your eyes to the hills - Which cometh your help, it is Time to "Experience Destiny," as I have said that you will. For "My Winds" are blowing with the rolling Rumble of My fists, all will see "My Power" soon as "My Glory' comes down in their midst. 

The day you have asked and prayed for is now here, I have seen you cry out and have captured your tears. They have come to me as a sweet fragrance, I love you so dear - Give Me All Glory Now, for Your Miracles are Here!!!


  1. Amen! God is so good. He hears the cry’s of the innocent and is here to right all the wrong. Thank you Brett for your willingness to obey and listen when God speaks.


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