I Will Sever The Giant's Head!


Word of the Lord - April 14, 2021 12:07AM

The Spirit of the Lord Says,

"For as in the days of Goliath - As the giant roamed the earth with pride and a voice of fear intimidating My People, so is the same now. 

I chose to Anoint "My David" to end the giant's reign, with one quick blow then and so shall I use "My David" whom I have Anointed Now to sever the Giant's head again! Oh yes, watch for it shall roll. 

Those who mock me with hell's agenda, as they shake their fists in My face with their sinful arrogance, shall soon see their fists cut off!

For they have mocked Me and waved their fists in My face one too many times! I will now show them Who "I Am," says the Lord! 

This is the hour of My Glory and The hour of the "Vindication of My Elect!" I Am going to astound You with what I do! Truly this is My Time to Rule and Reign through My Chosen One's!

For I Am moving Swiftly, and suddenly, says the Lord.  I will turn everything upside down to expose all.  I will bring light into the midst of darkness! I will turn over every rock and expose every hidden thing and agenda. Hear Me, says God - Those who have hidden in My House behind a robe, title or podium - those who call themselves Mine, yet opposed My David and have taken bribes and made deals with the current villain and illegitimate administration, will be cut off, says the Lord.

I Am done with their fraud and their illegitimacy in My House! Many will see major prominent names in the church, exposed for hidden deeds. As they have shaken hands with the democratic party and liberal agenda opposing My Word, My Way and My Principles - I will now cut them off and show all who they truly are. For I have given them years to repent and turn back to Me. I have given them opportunities over and over again as My Spirit has come to them and wooed them - but they remained hard hearted against Me and turned back to evil as a dog returns to its own vomit.

I Say - Now I will have True Worshippers who worship Me in Spirit and in Truth. I will not allow sin in My House to lead those who truly have a heart toward Me. I am exposing the homosexual lifestyle in My House!  I will not stand for this spirit to operate in My House any longer, says the Lord.  I AM moving now and will expose the pastors and leaders who have enjoyed sinful pleasures behind closed doors.  I am demanding in this New Era of My Kingdom, leaders who will stand with Me and only My Ways in order to experience and see My Glory!  I call all to come! I draw all to be Mine, now in these New Awakening Moments of My Glory!  I must have those who will truly walk upright before Me

For you will see the spirit of pride crushed in My house! From the platform to the pew, I am going to crush this opposing spirit of darkness.  There has been a pause it seemed from January to present day, where My people have cried out and sought My face! They have cried aloud and I have heard them. I have been watching, preparing those who truly work for Me - Getting them ready in the silence, for what is about to take place.

I have not been paused or unaware of what has taken place, says the Lord. I have been working and planning out the sudden demise of My enemies! For again, the giant's head shall roll with one sudden blow! I will cut off the fists of those who have shaken them in My face one too many times with their pride and arrogance!  

They have said, "We will do things our way! We will be God! We will decide our own agendas! We will decide to shut down the voices and worship of the elect. We will usher in now the time of the antichrist - the son of perdition.  We will shift the weather patterns to cause destruction and we will break the back bone of the Christians!  We will give the blood of the innocent to satan and attempt to disrupt and destroy generations of Prophetic Voices! We will destroy life in the whom of millions.

HA - I laugh at you, says the Lord! For surely you will know I Am God and there is No Other!  All you have done I will end. I will crush the iniquity of the evil doers and expose their corruption! Watch now, for I shall move quickly and swiftly - Bringing the Giants Down in this land," Says the Lord!

Dr. Brett Watson 

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