America, My Plan of Restoration & Celebration!


May 24, 2021 - 11:29 AM
Word of The Lord

"Watch Now, says the Lord, As I bring back to You all the enemy has stolen! As I have said, The thief shall be found out and will give back seven fold what has been stolen, In this New Day Now, You will see the Great Return of all that the enemy has stolen! 

Yes, I will return My Ways and Will back to the Church House, The White House and all of America!

I am doing a New Thing says the Lord, and I shall Now bring forth a "Mighty Vindication and a Great Recompense" of ALL that My people have gone through in the past seasons. 

My faithful ones have not backed down but have stood the tests and the warfare unequivocally with Faith in Their God!

Watch NOW as I change Your Positions and Elevate You into New Dimensions in Me and bring to You New Relationships with Great Favor, that I have promised to You for many years! 

Great Celebration is coming to You, Your Family, Ministries and Businesses, says the Lord! I am bringing a Great Celebration to "My America" in this hour! 

"My Trump" shall Return as I have promised and You will see a swift changing of laws and the Guard - Politically and in My House! 

I will always have the children in My heart and as Priority. I will put an end to the blood shed and the murderers of My children! Watch Now as I shift the laws in this nation to protect the children from their mother's whom! I will shift the children's learning in the school houses across this land and protect their minds from hellish propaganda and agendas, says the Lord!

This will be a "Sign" and You will quickly see a returning of All things Suddenly, as I have spoken to You specifically. 

You will see a "Total Shift" of those things that have seemed out of order and in disarray. I am shifting, reversing, restoring and refurbishing the order, says the Lord.

Watch now as I show "My Pan" openly and disrupt and destroy all plans and assignments of the enemy. What hell had thought would be accomplished and ultimately trap America and the people of God, they will find themselves in their own traps and devices - Being placed in shackles! Enough, says the Lord!

I am doing what man says can not be done! I am moving and I am shifting! I Am that I Am! There is nothing that I can not restore, nothing I can not turn around and renew! I am the God of Restoration! Hear Your God - ALL WILL NOW BE RESTORED!

Prepare Your Hearts for Celebration! Prepare your plans and write down the Vision! Make it plain, then Watch - For Your God will do it!

This "New Season" will be written down in the history books for All I Do!!! My Glory will be released Suddenly and those who have been in tune with Me, will at that divine and strategic Moment, be swept upward into a Supernatural Crescendo of Events for their Good!!!

I am Rewarding, I am Healing, I am Shifting and I am Renewing! All will be Restored in this Hour! You will look back and say, Only God could have done this!

I say, Watch Now for My Entrance is nigh and My Plan is Great!  You will see Me Manifest Great Glory that will bring about Massive Results Quickly! 

For surely "My Train" shall fill the earth and My Glory will be known. Oh how I have waited for this Moment, says Your God! 

I Love You - Rejoice and Praise Me, For Now Is the time of Great Rewards!!

Dr. Brett Watson 

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