Exposure, Unseating the Villan, Rats Removed, Checkmate, Closing of Red Sea, The Return & Victory!

May 25, 2021 - 12:27 AM

Word of the Lord

Watch Now as I open the "Flood Gates" for "Great Exposure!" All that has been hidden will Now be exposed. I will unseat the villan and seat My Trump! Great Victory will give way to Incredible Celebration through out America and the world!

Watch now as the rats scatter and are caught with their mouths on the cheese. They took the bait and now will be dragged away by their tails.

I will do away with them, says the Lord, for they have made their plans and carried them out in darkness. Now I will bring "Great Light" upon them and all of their wicked deeds. 

Is it a game of chess you ask? Do you Mock Me, says the Lord? Oh, if we are to play on a board with Pawns, Rooks, Kings and Queens - I say the game is now over - Checkmate! 

The King of Kings and Lord of Lords has won yet again, against the forces of darkness and all of hell. My Plan will be manifested in front of Mine enemies!

I will reverse this folly and bring forth a Great Awakening, says the Lord! The media will have to say what I say! They will spit and stutter as they give way to "My Words" before they fall and experience their own destruction. 

High officials will be caught and brought down in the Congress and Senate from both, the Democrats and the Republicans. Those who sold out "My Trump" will be exposed and unseated!

Those who sit upon their thrones of political power, will be removed in public view for all to see. For have I not said, I am the one who seats Kings, bringing one up and another down?

I Am that I Am! I Am God! I will not be mocked nor allow fools to gamble at Mine or My Children's expense! 

Ha, I laugh at their non-sense and debauchery! This is My Hour and I will do as I have stated!

Watch Now as the Flood from the walls of the Red Sea, comes down upon Mine enemies! Watch as I bring their destruction once and for all! They have sown their last seeds in an agenda to over throw Me and My America! 

This is My Land, says the Lord and I will have My Way! My David is coming! My Seated President, Donald J. Trump will soon return and arise again into his rightful seat of authority. All will Watch in Victory and in Awe as He and those who stand on "My Side" are Vindicated and Blessed, Says the Lord!

Choose Ye this day, whom You will serve! It is Now Time! Prepare for Victory!!

In Awe of His Majesty and Glory,

Dr. Brett Watson

Brett Watson Ministries, Inc.

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