Word of the Lord - Our "New Season"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

God Spoke to me and told me He would give me a "Fresh word for 2014 and the Season to come," in the latter part of 2013.  

On the early morning of December 31st, 2013 - He woke me up and began to speak; However, to my astonishment, He did not complete the whole word on that date.  He told me, "I will give you the remaining word in the next few weeks to come." 

God spoke the remaining word to me today - February 6th, 2014.

This in itself reveals a lot to me on how we have often put God in a box here in America and have assumed with our own thoughts and "American Church Mindset and Traditions," that God will only do things the way we have always liked Him doing them; As an Example, of giving us the complete "Prophetic Word" on Dec 31st for the "New Year."  

I'm not at all suggesting that He does not do that or can not. In-fact, He has given me a complete word before in previous years, to speak to the people before a "New-Year's Eve" conference service or event. 

What I am suggesting today is that, because of the way God set me up - it is His way of getting my attention to show me if no one else, that He does not operate the way we do. I believe God's word is a continual word and He is always speaking. I believe for us to predetermine or try to fit Him into our own paradigm of thinking – limits Him from doing what He truly wants to do in and through us! 

In my own life I have assumed God would do things a certain way and was surprised how He did it. It was not at all the way I had predetermined it would be!

God is moving differently today than ever before and the sooner “We” understand that He does not do things the way we in "America" think He should, the sooner we can truly be in sync spiritually with “His Ways!”   

Though He will work within a "Religious System or Traditional Mindset" - I would like to suggest, He would rather us be "FREE" to allow Him to do and say as He wills, not as we think or suggest He should.  

God has been very patient with us, But:

I speak Loudly today, to let you know in advance Prophetically - "God is “Breaking the "Cookie-Cutter Mold of Tradition and Mindset!"  Embrace what He is doing in this "New Season!" 

As For me - I say, “I’m Ready!”

Blessings to You Now and Always,
Dr. Brett Watson


Our "New Season" 2014 and Beyond:

God says, “I will open up the curtains wide and reveal to you clarity concerning this “New Year and Season.”  What was dark will now become light.  I will bring to light that which has been hidden from you. A metamorphosis has been happening!

This will be the Season I open up to you the “Strategies of the Kingdom” so that you can advance!  What has hindered will hinder no more!  I will give to my people a "Fresh Insight and Release of Anointing" to capture what has been held up and to see again the "Intricate Details of My Unfolding Plan.What I have been waiting to release to my people will begin to manifest in this “New Season.” 

This “New Season” will be known as a “Historical Reshaping” for My People!

“Fresh Perception and Clarity” to see the “New Realm and Dimensions” of “My Kingdom” will be given to those who’s assignments in me have been held up from warfare in this previous season.  This will be the “Year of Release, Abundance and Increase" to my “Faithful Ones.” Those who have continued to keep their eyes on me will see my hand move for them.

Not all will see the full blessings of my hand, because some have fallen away - But I will revive says the Lord!

I will show my favor upon my “Faithful Ones” in the areas necessary to see “Kingdom Advancement.” For those who have had disoriented sight, I will clarify their sight so that they can see again without blurriness. For those who have been attacked, I will heal their wounds and revive them in Me.  They will arise again as “My Champions!”

Many have observed and said of “My Elect,” ­- “This one and that one is gone; we do not see them anymore as we once did, they must have been wrong or judged by God…...” 

But the Spirit of the Lord says, “I have hidden some in this past season and dealt with some. I have hidden some for their protection and chastised others to finalize the work in them that was needed and necessary, to accomplish “My Assignment” within them.  “My Ways” are not your ways, Declares the Lord.  Do not be so quick to judge and repent of your thoughts that are not My thoughts.

I do what is necessary for “My Elect” to refine and protect them for “My Desired Season” and not yours. Many have judged and have spoken their own thoughts concerning “My Elect” in this past season – But the Spirit of the Lord says, You do not know “My Ways and Plan” concerning them and must learn to be still rather than speaking your fleshly thoughts that are not of My Spirit.

I am doing a “New Thing” in this hour and Season!  I will “Break the Mold” of man and his religious works and manifest “My Plan!” This will be the birthing of a “New Day,” says the Lord!  "A Day of Blessing and of Kingdom Strategy;" Dare to listen with clarity again and obey!

For I tell you, The assignment of hell against my people in this last year and season has been to destroy their ability to see through my eyes, says the Lord.  The enemy has done all he could to distract my people with every possible distraction, as well as, to destroy their self-worth and ability to see with spiritual perception concerning who they are in Me and the “Assignment” (that has not changed), that I placed upon their lives. The attacks and warfare have been sent strategically by hell, to destroy the purpose and assignments individually and corporately. 

But as I have been faithful to you and covered you, and have given you a way of escape in the past, I am covering you now, yet again with fresh mantles and anointing to establish my “Kingdom Agenda” in the earth realm.  I shall break every chain and bondage in this season. All that has held “My People” back I shall destroy.  I will bring to My Faithful ones the Help needed to move beyond your present condition.

You shall “BREAK OUT and BREAK FREE” says the Spirit of the Lord! For I have anointed and appointed you to set the captive free!  In this season – You will see me do “Great Works” through you - It is Time! I will shift you upward and inward into Me! This will be “Your Season of Awakening!”

For those who will give all to me - It shall be a “Season of Great Impact and Accomplishments!”  I shall place my hand upon you in this season to do what has not been done before!  Truly it is the time for “Great Signs and Wonders” in the earth and heavenly realms!

Spend time with me and watch what I do says the Lord! Put aside every weight that would bind you and distract you from all that I want from you – Because I want all of you now! Your decision of giving “Me” all – will decide what I am able to do through you in this “New Season” - The outcome is dependent on You!

I want the best for you and I will give to you the resources necessary to accomplish “My Purpose!” You will see “My Blessings” begin to pour out upon you in waves!  Prepare your hearts now for what I am doing and about to do.  You cannot accomplish “My Desires” with your fleshly ways!  You must see differently and do as I tell you. The ways you have operated in the past must remain there – Behold, I do a “NEW THING NOW!”

I will reward those who obey and flow with “My Spirit” in this “New Season and Era of the Kingdom!” This will be the beginning of a “NEW WAVE” of “Divine Glory and the Harvesting of Souls!”

For this, I will give you unmerited favor in areas you didn’t think would be possible.  In this hour and New Year – I will make it so!  I make all things “New” says the Lord!  Watch and see how I display myself upon and around you in this “New Year!”

For this is “My Will” for You – I Love You and want to see you Prosper! Abide in Me and I will abide in and through you!  Get Ready, says the Lord, I am Excited for this “New Season” I have for you! I Smile over You and make all things New!


  1. I want to "Thank God" for the confirmations to each of you and Pray this "New Season" will blow Your minds as you see God "Accelerate and Bless" each of you.

    I also want to add and you can quote me - "It has not been my sole purpose, nor am I arrogant enough to state, that this is "THE ONLY WORD" God has given for 2014 and the "New Season" to come. God uses His Prophets differently to share His Word.

    I have posted what I have received and interpreted from the Lord to share with you. God reveals to each of us in part. We are "ALL" a part of His Kingdom! I have been obedient to share the "Part" God has revealed to me for myself to share with others as we move forward.

    We must understand, as God reveals to us "Revelations from the Kingdom," it is important to see the "Words" God gives us, like a puzzle. God will give us pieces, so we can begin to see with clarity the fullness of "His Purpose and Vision" for us!"

    Dr. Brett Watson



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