Never Give up, Never Quit....

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For so many - This past season has been extremely difficult - But You are still here, You are still standing and no matter what has come your way, You have survived and stood the Test! When you "Pass the Test - You get Promoted" - But when you fail, you have to take it again. This is your moment to complete the task at hand and "Pass the Test" - So you can be promoted to a "New Dimension."

This is your time!! "The Moment of Now" - All you have is this Moment - It's been given to you by God for "Such a Time as This."

Never Give up, Never Quit and know that God is with you - Your time is "Now!"

Listen, No matter what the failure or defeat - Dust yourself off, take a deep breath - Head up, Shoulders back - Now move forward with the wisdom you have received through the "Test!" Forget what people say - People will say it anyway - Just remember what God has said! He has said, "Yes!" Why would you say no! The Naysayers are promoting you and God is Elevating you!

See your Destiny and Take it! We are in this together - "Truly there is Strength in Numbers!" Those who are with you are far Greater than those against you! "No Weapon Formed Against You, Shall Prosper....."

Blessings to you Always!

Dr. Brett Watson

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