The Meaning Behind Your Name

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I Bless "ALL" of You "Today" - Saturday, the 8th of February!

When I sat down around midnight to look at my email as I always do - All of the Sudden God spoke to me and said, "Brett - Names and Numbers!"

I immediately looked at the date: Feb. 8, 2014 and knew right off –“Eight” means "New Beginnings!"  I knew God was directing me to speak for a moment to help you! I will make this short, because a full teaching would take much time and research to complete.  This will be a brief and simple blog with my thoughts and examples with scripture, to get you thinking outside the box. This is thought provoking, OK?  Here we go:

So many miss the little things that have the greatest impact upon their lives because they are caught up in the normal daily routine and not what is happening "Behind the Scenes" - In the "Spirit Realm!"

Do you realize that part of the answer you have been wondering and questioning God about concerning -  "Your Very Existence, Who You Are, The Purpose that God has for You or even What Has been hindering You from moving forward, can have a relation with the meaning behind your name and even numbers like your Birth-date?"

Some might say, "Are you really serious?"

My Answer:  "Yes I am Very Serious!"

All throughout the word of God we see that God placed powerful meanings behind His words, names and numbers.  There are strategic meanings with all things!  Never underestimate the definition and meanings of "Names and Numbers."

"My People Perish from lack of knowledge." - Hosea 4:6

The Definition of Eight: The Number of New Beginnings! 
Today is a “New DAY” and can be a "New Beginning for YOU!"  It's "Your Choice!"

Every moment of every day we are a faced with a "Spiritual Decision" - From the words we speak, to our very own actions. 

For Example: "The power of life and death are in our tongues..." - Proverbs 18:21

Choose Life today! Choose to Speak Life out of Your Mouth! Choose to do your own research to find out what is the meaning behind your name and family name. What is it that is keeping you from advancing? What is the "Purpose" God has for your life?  What is "Your Passion?" 

So many individuals come up to me and ask: "Brett, what is my purpose in life?"  I ask them a question right back, "What is Your Passion? Do You know anything related to Your assignment? Have You prayed about it? Have You done Your Research?  Have You sought "Wise Spiritual Counsel?"

There are those who are going through the daily routine, those who are untaught and do not know, there are those who do know what to do, they are just lazy and don't do it; and then there are those who want to know but they need help.  Whatever the case - Today let this begin a "New Day" for you!

I promise you, if we do our part to learn and seek the Lord for answers, God will do His part.

In closing:

When God told me that I was going to be a father, even before I knew it in the natural - God said, "Brett you will name your son Caleb!  Pray for him daily for his assignment is great!"

Caleb Means: Great Spiritual Potential, Faithful and Courageous.

Anyone who knows of Caleb in the word of God knows, he was of a different spirit.  He was very "Optimistic" and believed that with God, the children of Israel could accomplish anything.  Caleb joined Joshua in supporting the Lord's invasion of Kadesh Barnea that the rest of Israel united against. Caleb was a Judahite who received an inheritance among the tribes of Israel for "His Faithfulness and Courage" toward God Jehovah.

To this day, my son is Energetic, Optimistic, Faithful to his friends and family and Trusts God with all of his Being!  I'm a "Very Proud" Father.

I was obedient when God told me to name my son Caleb. There is meaning behind his name and there is meaning behind yours as well.

There is so much more to life and knowing "Who You Are" and God's Plan for You than just to have a 9 to 5 job and go through the daily routine.  It's Your responsibility to find out what that is. When you do, your life will have greater meaning and you will experience a shift in your life.  You will know what to ask God for to help you "Accomplish Your Purpose," as well as, what to pray against, so you do not have hindrances (Including People) keeping You from it!

There is "Purpose and a Powerful Destiny" that is waiting for You!  Most people miss it, because they were never instructed to learn "Spiritual Things" or they were not assisted in their "Destiny Pursuit." 

However, from today moving forward - You will change all of that! 

"It's TIME to Be ALL God has for You to be!"  This is "YOUR Moment" - "SEIZE YOUR MOMENT NOW - YOUR Destiny is Dependent up on it!"

Here is your Homework - It's important that if you did not know before reading this post - Today, on this "NEW BEGINNING DAY" - You need to find out the meaning of Your Name and Number.  When you find out, Post in the comment section below and let me know. :)

I'll go first:  *(Please note this is not to puff myself up or gloat – but to give you an example of how incredible God is with names and numbers and their strategic meanings behind them and to encourage you to find out the meaning behind your name as well).

My name is Brett - The Meaning of My Name is "Gifted."  (I am an Artist, Carpenter, Landscape-Designer, Model, Musician (Drummer), Singer, Speaker and TV Personality).

My Birthday is coming up this month, on the 12th. I’m an Apostolic Ambassador to the Nations!  My Assignment is to encourage and provoke: “The message of “Purpose and Destiny” into the nations of the world with the saving and healing power of Jesus manifested wherever I go.” (As an Apostolic Ambassador, I operate in the “Five Fold Offices of the Kingdom” with the “Gifts of those Offices” and “Gifts of the Spirit”).

Until I looked at the number twelve (My Birthday) I really didn’t think much of it other than it’s my Birthday.  I was astonished to read many years ago what the number twelve meant.

The Number "Twelve” Means: 

The number of Divine Government and Apostolic Rule, The number Twelve represents the epitome of consummate divine and human ruler-ship under Creator God - Whereas the number Twelve is the number of natural creatures holding spiritual power and its governments in their hands. Spiritual power embodied in natural vessels wielding the highest catalytic authority in God's Creation. (The Prophet's Dictionary - Paula A. Price, PHD.)

What is the Definition of your name? Do you know? What is the numerical number of your Birthday? What is the meaning? Most have overlooked or not looked at all into the meanings of names and Numbers.

Could it be that God has been waiting on You to find out the meaning behind your name so He could help you to know what to do, for advancement into Your Purpose? Has He been waiting for you to ask Him the right questions or pray the right prayers to get the answers you need?

God has a "Strategy and Purpose" in all things. We are not here by accident! 

There is a reason for your existence!  No matter what has been said, "You are not here by accident - You are not a mistake! Nothing takes God by surprise and God doesn't make mistakes!  You have an "Amazing Purpose" for Your Life!"  -Jeremiah 29:11

I care about You and hope this has helped You to begin a different thinking process about “Who You Really Are in God” and what “You” need to do to make sure “Your Assignment is Accomplished!”

I speak Clarity to your mind, Endurance for Your Journey and Supernatural Strength to accomplish all Your Dreams and Goals in Jesus Name! It's "A NEW DAY - A NEW SEASON" and God has "YOU" in mind today. He is WORKING on YOUR Behalf!

Blessings to You Now and Always,

~Dr. Brett Watson


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