May shall be a Month of Grace & New Beginnings!

Dream & Word of the Lord

5:33 PM  - Sunday 5/1/22

As many have read, we had to cancel Sunday evening service on 5/1/22 - As Myself and the family have all been under the weather. With the church here in Orlando just beginning, I had no one to cover service for us. 

For anyone who has started a ministry, it isn't for the faint of heart. It takes time, lots of prayer and dedication. You are literally caring for and nurturing a baby, as you watch it mature, advance and develop with Father's Touch upon it.

But when you don't have steady members or ministers in the new work yet, there is no one you can lean on to cover a service in a situation like this, so you have to make the decision to take care of yourself and recover so you can get up and go again. Thus, today's (Sunday 5/1/22) scenario. 

In my prayer time this afternoon and as I began to rest to feel better, I said to the Lord, Father we have to have people who will lift our arms and assist us consistently to get this ministry in the next stage of development. In moments like this, there is no one to keep it going if I am not able too."

I drifted to sleep and had a dream.

In the dream we were in our present facility and it was as if we were rehearsing everything that took place today, Marianne and I talking back and forth trying to decide what to do as neither one of us were able to hold the service because we were so under the weather. 

Yet, I was on stage at the church and saying outloud to the Lord, 

"God I must have your help! We can not do this by ourselves, especially in moments like this."

Immediately the church doors opened and in came families and people I had not seen before and they came right up to me and said, 

"Thank You! Thank You for being obedient to the Lord and not giving up or stopping! We are here to assist you with the Vision!"

The Lord then spoke to Me and said these words:

 "Brett, I Am sending you the help you need. I am sending true and faithful men and women who will do what they say. They are committed and will fulfill the assignment to help the Ministry advance. They are being sent by Me!"

Then He said, Tell My Faithful, who are starting again in obedience to Me, that this is going to be a swift work Now as I build what has been stagnant or in a small stage of infant development. 

Tell them, though the times have been frustrating, I will bring them the help to assist them to advance the dream. It has been a long time of waiting, being obedient and standing, yet I have seen their Faithfulness to the dream to continue and believe in spite of difficulties and major warfare from the enemy. Let them know Help is on the Way! 

Son, as you step now into the "Fifth" month - May of this year 2022, as this very day is the beginning - Think it not strange as, May shall be a month of "Grace and New Beginnings with Explosive Acceleration!"

All that has been held back shall now be released. I am moving upon the waters and causing there to be a stirring again. I will cause major advancement to begin and all that is necessary for the advancement and development of the ministry is going to happen. 

The times of waiting are over! Watch Now and see as My Hand moves for "My True and Faithful One's!"

Watch as their heads will begin to spin, as I bring all things together in Accelerated speed that only I can do! This that I bring to My People is necessary for Growth and Timing! It is Time for advancement and the Moving forth as I shift and cause the exchange to happen NOW!

WHAT EXCHANGE YOU ASK? I say, It is the "Great Exchange" of My Promises released from My hand to Yours! It is the exchange the transfer of wealth to My Children! It is a "Great Exchange" from those who have what You need! 

They shall be stripped of what does not belong to them and it shall be released into the Rightful Owners - My People's Hands! For this is the hour now that the spoils of war and "More Than Enough" is being released to My Own! 

So I say, Rejoice and Give Me Praise, For You have now stepped across the threshold into the Month and Time of Great Access and Progression! It is the Hour and I will do exactly as I have said and More!

Prepare, Prepare and use what I Give to You to build My Kingdom and feed and clothe the less fortunate and those who are in need. For surely there is calamity coming and I will release to My Own, so they are prepared and ready to be My Hands Extended in the time to come.

I will Build, Establish and Grow My Kingdom with You who are Faithful and True! I will advance My Church and show forth Great Signs and Wonders! I will Bring Forth Great Glory! It is the "Hour of My Timing" and I will manifest "Greatness" now for My Kingdom!

Be encouraged and Move Forward! For Now as you step, you will be met with My Supernatural Ability and you will begin to run. For hear me this day, No longer shall a slow pace be your portion!

As Elijah tucked his cloak, was caught up into a supernatural rhythm and ran faster than the chariots and horses of Ahab, I will meet you now in this Divine Moment with a new synchronized pace of speed, as You are now synchronized with Me!

What was slow shall now become fast, what was difficult will now become easy! I touch you this day and release to You the Greater portions that you may move with Me as we build together the Legacy of My Kingdom in the Earth, says the Lord.

Dr. Brett Watson

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I speak Increase and Abundance Now over every gift given according to Father's Word! 

Luke 6:38, Amos 9:13, Deuteronomy 1:11


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