My Resurrection Power!

 2:32 AM 4/15/2

For Father God says, 

"On this Resurrection Weekend as all of hell had hoped to keep My son in the tomb, I say, "I brought Him Up and out of the grave with Resurrection Power!"

So shall I do the same for you this weekend. For I have waited until now to do this for My People. Watch now as I do it in front of you! 

Watch as I bring down the works of darkness and bring forth Victory for My People!  I say, Is there anything too difficult for Me? NAY - There is nothing that I can not do!

I say, rejoice and give Me Praise for Now you will see the manifestation of promises held for many years. I say, it is time for the rising and raising up of My Fire and Glory Carriers.

This is the time I shall breathe upon you declares the Lord and you will experience the breath of My Spirit!  For I will blow a fresh wind and a newness shall fall upon My People. 

I shall bring down and cruely crush the enemies of My People, the enemies of Your God - You will see them fall in front of your eyes.

For this is the Hour of My Resurrection Power to be seen and known through out the earth! I Am doing a New Thing and I Am breathing a fresh Wind of My Spirit! The time has come and I will be Glorified, declares the Lord.

Release it all to Me and let me Refresh you again. Release the weight and trust Me as I have said I would do it for You, I say, I will do exactly as I have Spoken to You and it will be completed! This is the Time of a great Harvest and a Manifestation of wheat. 

Yes, you will harvest the wheat. Oh yes, My harvesters are ready and I say, you will harvest the fields that are white and ready - For You are My Harvesters!

I tell you the Truth, I Am Arising in Power this weekend and You will know the shift has come! You will know that I have done exactly as I have said I would do for You, My Faithful Ones!

This is the Time of Great Release and the Time of Great Power and Glory! Fire I say, Fire, Oh reach up and take the Fire! For I will come upon you and you will be a blaze for Me, declares the Lord! 

I Am Lighting you who are hungry and wanting to experience New Glory! I Am doing it Fresh Now! Take it, and Go! Take it and Go with Fresh Fire!

It will be known this very weekend that I have moved upon those things that have been stagnant or delayed! I cause Movement to begin Now!!!!! I Am causing those things that were impossible to become possible! I Am causing those things that have been hindered and paralyzed to become alive with movement and life again.  I Am doing it!

Look, Look and See declares the Lord! I Am doing it, just as I promised I would. It is Resurrection Power and Ability! It is Me!

I do it for you! Rejoice and give Me Praise, for now you will come out of the tomb and run with My Virtue and Life again!

For I Am The God of My People Israel. I speak to You, Arise Now! Arise and be ye ready for My Waves and Winds of Wonders! 

For I Am Moving Now and You will hear and Know that these words have been confirmed!

For Yea,  though you have walked in the place of hardship and experienced the opposition of the enemies devices, I say this is the weekend That these things will change! 

I will cause liberty to spring forth as My Son Rose from the tomb with Life and Divine Power on that morning, I say, NOW You will also rise Up and You will walk forth in My Power, My Life, My Healing, My Wealth and My Divine Goodness!

It will be known as a Resurrection of Light and Life! You will walk in The Light and Power of My Holy Spirit and you will speak in the years to come, of the 2022 Resurrection Weekend and what I Your God have done! 

Rejoice, For I Love You and I live in and through you! I Am Alive for Evermore, Declares Your God!"


Dr. Brett Watson

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