Awaken To The New!

 At 6:11 AM this Morning God woke me up and began speaking this Word in Rhyme to me.

The Word of the Lord!

Awaken To The New! 

6:11 AM  - Wednesday April 6, 2022

Son, Awake Awake I say unto thee, Now is the time to Harken all to Me.

Tell My people Now is the Time! 

I say to You now as I speak this to you in a Rhyme - I will have the attention of all who read it and to be clear, I Am moving now and will show forth My Power to those I hold dear.

The time has arrived to do what I said I would do - Even now I say, The Release of Promises are True and even Now are coming unto You!

I have watched, I have waited I have anticipated the hour that is here, the Great Time of My Power - All will see and hear!

There will be many during this time that will quake in fear, oh yes its true, but for My Faithful One's, They know, what I said I would have to do! 

The shaking has begun, as the old will pass away too, this is the Hour of More and More that I will Awaken You too! 

Great Reveals, Revelation and a Revolution will be birthed from My Hand, a strategic Plan that is Mine - It will bring forth My Harvest of Souls and Kingdom Manifestation at the same time.

For the Change and the Turn around is now upon you a change you will keep, Do not slumber, but arise from your sleep. 

Many have remained in a place of prayer and stood with Me as I have Spoken, yet others have remained asleep.

Now all will Awake, With what I shall do, there will be no one sleeping, even the News too! They will report and share - "Breaking,"  "Breaking," this is what we are reporting to You. The News, The News and More News -  This and that is Happening too!

The liberal voices will shout and scream and roll their eyes and heads saying, how can this be? 

But did I not say, I would do it for thee?

That time is here, and all will know it's been Me!

My people will praise and rejoice and give Glory to Me, while the hateful will scream and shout and shake their fists at Me.

Oh but I say, the time of My Judgement and My Blessings are being poured out from this day!

This hour was Promised, I told you in fact, that I would do it, and for My Own Elect and Faithful Ones, there would be no Lack - But for the evil doers and those who have given their souls to the dark one, I Say - Now is the time your sins will find you out and oh yes its time - You will now pay for what has been done!

Have I not said, what a man sows, that is what he will also reap? Well now the harvest of those seeds are here and what you have sowed, the harvest you will now keep.

Crash, crash, crash the stocks will go boom. Wallstreet will crumble, but I will rebuild again too. The financial markets and wealth, the heathen have held on to, will be released now and transferred to My People My Elect - Portions of your earthly inheritances too.

You will buy homes and buildings, land and properties you'll see, its the hour of recompense and a release of Great Treasures unto thee.

Those who have trusted and have held on with their Faith without questioning Me, will see the Greatest release of Wealth and Blessings unto thee!

For I Am Now pouring out, and rewarding you for standing with Me, you didn't question - You just did what I asked of thee!

I say, Now is your time! I bless and pour you out Great Rewards and Blessings from My Treasures I have laid up for mine own! 

Yes My People, My Faithful - My sons and Daughters who love Me, this is the hour they truly will see the Blessed Harvest of what they have sown!

A switch, a major switching of all things will come Now - From the Presidency, to the changing of government faces, to My House and the market you call the Dow!

Oh yes its all changing, I'm doing it even now. I told you I would, and I say, watch as it goes down! I say, now hold on tight - You'll see with wide eyes and all will know My Prophets were right!

For the great fall has now come for many, you will see and tell. In the same move of My hand, the Rise of Greatness to My Own shall be steady, secure and balanced as well.

Yes, steady mine own will rise, Up Up Up, its time to bring My Own Up, into plenty - Yet, take down the greedy and prideful, the workers of darkness shall be wanting, oh yes, so many.

But, It has come now, with the hour of rejoicing I say, the streets will be full of celebrations as I will repay! The "Abundance of Rain" is here and I say, I will Repay and Repay and again I say, Repay! 

No Time like this ever in history past, I say lift up your shout and rejoice for it comes now at last and very very fast. 

The History books will be written and books will come out, of how God did this and that - even from those who doubt - It will be said, how men and women of high rank in political offices were removed and yet replaced within hours, even as they scoffed, laughed and said No it won't be this way with a shout. 

Oh, but I Am use to the doubters like the  Thomas I had to show it was Me! I said to him, yes yes put your finger there in the nail holes and See, it is Me!  

As I've spoke before and again I must say,  Blessed are they who see and believe, but to those who do not see and yet still believe - You will be graced with My Presence and Power on that day!  

But until that time, I will make clear in this Moment from Me - Those who have believed and have trusted with their Faith, will experience My Recompense and Increase that I will release into thee!

For Yes, they walked with Faith and not sight, they trusted Me with nothing, and now they will see - The tables will turn and they will eat their feasts in the presence of their enemies! 

For there will be no more lack, no more questions, no more wondering how or when, I say for many of My Faithful - Yes they will see increased Blessings of Ten times Ten!! 

Others will see Increase at Thirty, Sixty and One Hundred Fold - My Word is Always True, for it never grows old! 

I say, it is Here, I do a New Thing - Great Blessings will overtake you and You will know how to begin again, as you rejoice and sing!

You will sing a new song and give Me Praise too, The Awakened Song of the Lord will now be inside You!

With this I will give you the Wisdom and understanding needed of You, as you listen to My Word and flow with My Spirit - Trust Me I say, Trust Me with all I give to You!

Now is the Time and Era in Me,  You will build and build and give way for a Great Legacy too!

Your children will be blessed and their children's children too, I do it now, oh yes I do it for You! 

So write it down, and be specific and make it plain, for the Vision though delayed, has now come unto you for such a time as this Day! 

Yes I say, this day, the time has arrived and things shall now change for you My Promise is sealed! This Is the new day all will be known and all revealed!

So Praise Me Now, My people, for the time has come - For all to know that God Jehova is Real and what I have done! 

The Hour like none other is here for you now, Give Me Praise and be watchful for I move swiftly for those who love Me Now!

I Am that I Am, and I say it is done, your Great God moves in supernatural waves to bring the Glory forth of His Son!

Says, The Spirit of the Living God!


Dr. Brett Watson

Voice of Destiny

Emerge Life Church

Brett Watson Ministries, Inc

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