"I Am Back-Handing Both Parties!"


"I Am Back-Handing Both Parties!!"

4.22.22 12PM Noon

"For I Am that I Am! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I have had enough of those who say out of one side of their mouths that they walk the conservative line, and as they sit with others, they remain double minded and unstable in their stance! They talk out of the other side of their mouths! 

They are luke warm and I will spue them out of My Mouth! As the writing was placed upon the wall, with My Hand for those at Belshazzar's party and feast of Mockery to Me - I say, Watch Now as both Parties will see My Hand as I Bring forth Judgement!

I will now back hand and slap the instability out of the Republican Party as I expose their lies! Those who dance on one side of the fence and then another, with instability - As a double minded man is unstable in all of his ways! I say, A forceful blow will now occur and I will cause the fakes and liars to be removed!

I will slap the democratic party and cause major disruption and chaos to come to their party. I will expose all and will cause a massive shake up to occur, as they plot against My own and Lie blatantly to My People! They do not hide their ways, nor their allegiance to the lord of darkness - Lucifer! I will expose for all to see. The blood that drips from their hands, will be known!

The Shaking Now Begins in Great Force!

As one domino falls, many will fall, and another and another until there are no more standing! I will cause another Whistle-blower to arise and much will be seen from hidden messages and plots against the American People.

Enough! I have watched in disgust, as they have operated in darkness with their hands in hand with Satan! They openly and arrogantly speak of their acts with no remorse.

But, I say, I will have My way and the corruption will be exposed.  They rant and rave and grin in arrogance shaking their fists in My face, as they plot to do this and that! I say, enough! I will bring an end to their diabolical plots and strategies!

I Shake all that can be shaken and will expose all! It is Time and it will begin, as a tremor grows in strength,  again and again, until the major shaking occurs!

Georgia, Prepare Now for who you see in many of these current offices Republican and Democrat, will be soon removed! 

Exposure comes to the deceitful lies spoken and done in secret! I will disrupt this chaos and cause Georgia to return back to the place of "My Glory" that I have intended for her to be. 

Woe to those who stand in their pulpits and speak against "My Will" and make "My House" a political spectical, according to their own agendas! Watch who I will remove in this hour! 

For they speak "My Word," to sway the people with lies. They use "My Platform" for their own gain as their hand is deep in the democratic party with dirty money and covenants made with darkness.

I see all, Declares the Lord, And nothing will remain hidden!

I say, "My Major Event" is Now coming and there will be "Shock and Awe!" Hold on to Me now and do not fear! Now is the allotted time! 

Watch Now and Prepare! It is Time for My Great Reveal! I say, those who you see today will be removed and seen no more!

The day of Judgment and Exposure Begins, says the Lord!"

Dr. Brett Watson



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