I Come Now With A Shout!

Saturday 3:08 - 3:11 PM - 1/8/22

Word of the Lord

"I Come Now With A Shout!"

"For many of My children Hear Me Loud with My Voice - Yes Its A Great Shout, I have come to set you Free - The time is Now to Break You Out!

You have been held captive in a moment of pause and delay, like a horse ready to start a race in a whole new way - Unable to move, but ready to begin, I say Yes The Time has come to release you, Its Now Time to Begin Again on this day of Eight - I declare the New Beginings and It will Be Great!

All the past and bondage will be freed from you as You start when the bell rings, you'll have no doubt its the Bell of New Beginnings with Blessings Coming Straight from Me! 

The time has come for the Great Release with My Shout! You will rise up Now and Go forward in Great Strength and Vigor - As I Say, "Go" with My Echoing Voice - Spoken Straight from My Mouth!

No more Bondage or Chains, your current situation will be freed and change at last. So rejoice and look up for the King has come to set you free from your past! 

I'm showing forth My Power and Releasing The Light of My Son to Free you from within, all that has hindered, around you and to break you free from your sin.

The Light, The New, the Time of Purity Too, I say the Greatest Hour has Now come unto you!

So lift up your hands, your hearts and a shout, for the King of Glory has come to release you and bring you completely out! 

The Prison, the cell, the current situation too, I have Good News for You - I will show forth My Hand and all will know, Its been I oh yes, Look around - For one of the signs has been snow! 

For I have poured and will continue to pour it on deep, the manifestation is now of Grace and Great Peace - From the trauma, hurt and rejection too, You're current misunderstandings and the delay, I'm breaking too - Oh I say, Get ready I Am coming just for You!

I will cover all, it will be remembered no more, I shall overcome all and its Whiter than snow - My Power, My Presence My Glory is Manifested Too! 

Oh Look to My Face, for its all New and its for You!

You will rejoice and Give Me all Glory I say, the time I have Promised is here, It will be a New Day - So Rejoice, Rejoice again I say - Rejoice Now, The Hour of My Promises are being released to You Now I Say!"

I Love You,

Your Father in Heaven 

Its Our Time! Give Him Praise,

Dr. Brett Watson 


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