2022 - Watch & See - I'm Going to Set You Free!"

 Ladies and Gentlemen, 

At 10:11 PM on New Years Eve (12/31/21),

Father began to speak in Rhyme a Powerful Corporate Word! I began typing the Word as Quickly as He was speaking it.  

He ended the Word and then continued it, with Part 2, as He woke me up at 3:13 AM on 1/1/22. The Word begins as follows, Praise Unto Our Amazing God!! 

Get Ready!!!

It's Our Time!

Dr. Brett Watson 

"Word of the Lord" - Part 1

"2022 watch and see - this will be the year I set you free. The time has come for all things new, the enemy has done all to keep it from you, but I say, its here and I Say enter in, its the new and time for new beginnings! 

Restoration, Recompense and Vindication too, the Release of Wealth, Treasures and Breakthough I give to you! It will be an Era as never before, My Kingdom Comes and All shall be restored. The king of Glory shall Now come in, I will cause millions to come to me, I will free them from there sin.

For New I say in every way, the time has come 

For My Glory Way! Glory, Glory, Glory unto thee, I will swing you up to live and reign with Me! Supernatural power and authority, the New is here, Oh You shall see! 

So do not look at what surrounds you in the present, for I will revers all evil done - I'll bring forth the Light of My Son! You have stood, prayed, believed and didn't waver, Now watch as the Breaktrhough and Rewards I release to you, all bondage I shall sever!  

You will walk in freedom and liberty too, the time of Destiny now comes to you!

I change the guard, raise one up and another down too, this is the season I Am showing and revealing all to you! No darkness shall be left unturned, I will expose it all, and bring forth A Great Reveal Globally, yes the evil works shall fall!

My Church shall rise Now, in Great Power in this hour! It is Now Time for the Release of My Remnant Bride, with My Hand of Favor upon them - Yes we will ride -  Moving swiftly upon the New Holy Spirit Tide! 

Waves and waves of refreshing unto you, My Glory and Power manifested through You.

I Am breathing fresh the Wind of My Spirit, Yes it is all New, the Time of Great Exploits I Am causing Now to come upon you! This is Your Greatest Hour I say, Oh get ready as you transition into A Greater Way!

Never before have you been here or seen what I will do, this is a New Dimension of Authority, Power and Wealth in Me, just for You! 

You will lend and not borrow, I Am changing all Now in this Time, the world will stand in Awe as I have given Great Wealth and Riches to My Bride!

For this is the hour I will cause My Faithful to flourish like the Palm Tree, all will look upon you and see Me! 

The evil one has tried to bring gloom and doom unto you, but has been defeated yet again, so I say lift up your eyes to the My Ways and Plan that I will release to you!"

3:13 AM 01/01/22

"Word of the Lord" - Part 2

God Awakened Me and Began Saying:

"From the 1st to the 12th I'm causing it to rain, for the past you have stood in spite of your pain, But now I say Watch as I bring Great Relief an Abundance You'll see, all around you will know it was Me! 

Your portion Now is Greatness and Triumph you see, the Lion of Judah is Roaring, in spite of what the enemy said or did in times past, unto thee. 

I say you will look and see I've broken you free at last, so Rejoice now and lift up a sound, for you're free from your past. 

Heaven's bells are ringing, A great release is here now and the enemie's fight and game, of yesterday's toiling, no longer the same, 

I say rejoice and Praise Me as I heal all of your pain, oh can't You see I say, "Its Beginning to rain!!!"

It's a shaking a great shaking, you will look and will see, the world will once again know I Am that I Am has come onto the scene! 

The evil doers and gloom that they have planned, will backfire and explode in their own faces with all the bans! No more I say, America is free, I release the great Eagle to soar high again with Me. Australia, Canada and Europe too, I will break the backbone of bondage and give your freedom back to you. I will step into your land with My Wind and a Great Blow, all will see who I Am, they will run to Me and know, I still Save, I Heal, I Am the Deliverer too, I will release My Great Power and show them what to do.

For it is not time I say, for the enemie's plan or his agenda and fight, I Am moving now and he will have to take flight, off of these that I have mentioned to thee, oh get ready for a Great Release of My Glory they shall see.

So Trust Me My children and do not fear one more ounce, for the Lion of Judah will now shout and pounce - Upon the head of the dragon and all his imps too, its time for My Church to Move in Great Abundance, My Glory and Power too!

Oh Yes, I am rearranging the heart of America My nation, and all others will follow suit, I'll cancel hell's agenda and bring forth quick results too. 

I'm bringing a great ourpouring of healing of disease, I'm going to empty hospitals and the powers that be, will be scratching their heads oh don't you see? 

I'm changing it all, with one sweep of My hand, I have been waiting for this time to bring forth My manifested Plan.

The Great reveal is here and I'll do it times three, Multiplication and rearranging, Awakening, pardigm shifts don't you see? 

I'm  healing My Bride, from hurts of times past, fear will be broken and My Balm of Gilead shall sooth all in this hour at last.

The hour is now here, for the ride of a lifetime with Me, from Glory to Glory, I'm setting you Free!

I Love You!

Your Father in Heaven!"

Dr. Brett Watson 


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