The Shift of All Shifts - Look To July!

June 30, 2021 - 1AM  - "Word of the Lord"

"For You are about to see Me shift the whole Paridigm in a "Magnitude Shift" unlike anything You have ever seen, says the Lord. For as I said, "I would cause a Sudden Boom, have you not seen as the Flower has already began to bloom?"

Pay attention and watch, keep your eyes clear, continue steadfast and unmoveable for My Spirit is so Near! 

Watch Now and on into July, Oh Give Me Praise, for Now is the Time to Rejoice and come out of the caves! 

Celebrations shall be experienced as July Fourth shall come with a Bang, The skies above and torrential rains! The Release of Blessings has Now Come!!!!  

For I will bring "Miraculous Miracles" - Those who've been in bondage, handicapped and bound by life event's, wheel chairs, financial woes, who have cried out to My Son, I Will Now break Free and they will begin to Run!!!!

I am pouring out My Glory and All will see and Know, I Am the God of Miracles - If it were not so I would've told you so!

For I Am moving and I Am shaking and I Am quaking "All" so My Agenda and Will can be performed! Time will be Redeemed My Faithful One's - The evil ones will fall!

"I Am" about to bring a "Sudden Shift of Events" that will be talked about around the globe! I Am still God and I Am the One able to do Exceedingly, Abundantly, Above All, You ask, think and even imagine, as spoken in days of old.

Watch Now, for the coming events that shall Transpire! Watch as I shift the whole atmosphere and manifest "My Purpose and Plan - Even as some would say, It's come down to the wire!" 

Watch as I bring down kings, and those who are in places of authority. Watch as the current illegitimate administration disolves before your eyes on TV!

Watch as the news begins to shift their talking points and come into agreement with "My Voice." Oh watch, they will have No Choice!

Watch Now, as the opposing prophets of baal, come crashing down to the floor -  For as it was with "My Prophet - Elijah," on the mountain, I will destroy the spirit of baal and jezebel, as I did before!

All will see "I Am still God!" 

I decide who rises up and who falls down low!
Why do I bring up this event from the land of old, that has been told? For was it not in a "Suddenly Event" then, that I released "My Fire" to consume the sacrifice from the "Word" spoken from My Own? 

He declared "The Word" and I responded to uplift "My Prophet" so bold, and then destroyed with one blow, Mine enemie's cold! 

Hear Me Clearly, So will I do the same now with the mouths used by the enemy! There will be nothing left, I will make sure of it, You'll know it was Me!

Surely they shall be cut down, destroyed and brought low.  Watch Now as I will uplift "My Bold One's" and "Reward them with Gold!"

Oh Yes, I will bring a "Sudden Shift" financially for "My Elect!" The Wait, will have been worth it, there will be no regret!

I will transfer the wealth that has been promised for so long. "I Am" doing it Now, says the Lord, Sing and Rejoice with praise to Me in Your Song!

Watch as the Financial Arena's will begin to shift, so I can do what I have said, needs to be done. Nothing will stop "My Ways, or My Harvest" from coming forth - Oh Yes, I already made a way, when I brought forth "My Son."

I will put the wealth of the wicked into the "Hands of My Own," and they will use it to build "My Legacy" in the Earth, that will carry on for generations to come.

"I Am" Building, and "I Am" Establishing Now, As You will soon tell, Get ready for the "Suddenly" You have been waiting for as well. 

For "I Am" shifting the Tide and establishing A New Current! I will bring about new currencies and new found wealth, for it is certain!

You will look at your current positions and be astounded at what I do. For Your current Postions will shift in a moment, in a day and all will be transformed by the swipe of My Hand, it is True!

Get ready Now, and Rejoice for I Am doing a New Thing! Watch Now, as "My David" is moving again back onto the scene! 

He is being positioned by "My Hand" into his rightful seat again quickly - All will know that "My Son Donald," carries the weight of "My Favor" Authoritively!

It is Time! I say, Unto You!

Rejoice and Declare My Ways, My Will and My Agenda - Declares the Lord, For Now the Events will change and All will see and know the God of: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob too!

"Your God," that parted the "Red Sea" making a "Wall of Water" for "My People Israel" to cross over with progression, into the "Promised Land" - Will Now cause those same walls to become crashing waves, as Mine enemies will be devoured one by one, by the waves upon them, with one sweeping blow of "My Hand!"

This day I speak of, shall be known and talked about for generations to come, just as the stories spoken about in "My Word" from days of old, it will be done. 

I say, Prepare and watch for these events to unfold, for this is the day of the destruction of those who have mocked Me, how they will see their heads bowed down low! 

Oh the twisted seeds of these evil doers and all they have sown - But Yet listen to "My Words" as I Release "The Crescendo of Great Blessings" Now Upon My Own! 

All shall NOW Shift, says the Lord and Great Glory shall cover the Earth! 

It is Time, says God! My Name will be displayed Great, as The Salvations of Millions shall come Forth - Oh Yes, the "Harvest" is upon You! You shall Now reap Your Rewards - From the South, East, West and the North!

Trust "My Plan" Now and Hold close to Me, Place Your Hand in Mine! 

Rejoice, Rejoice, for I am Moving for All to See, For Now is the Time!

It is an "Upward Swing" Now into "Dimensions and Realms Great" - Yes, this is the "Hour of Greatness," Says Your God, Remember, Your time is different from "Mine," But I will Never be Late!"

In Awe of Our Glorious Master Jesus, 

Dr. Brett Watson
Intl. Conference Speaker/Pastor/TV Host/CEO
Voice of Destiny
Emerge Life Church
Brett Watson Ministries, Inc.


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