The Spirit of Judas Exposed!

Word of the Lord: "The Spirit of Judas Exposed!"

"For Now the Spirit of Judas is exposed. I see You, says the Lord! You will enjoy the pieces of silver but for only a moment, as you have traded your alliance for political gain and debauchery. 

You have completed your assignment - Only to trip and fall in your own traps you have set for "My David, My Trumpet," says the Lord.

For your "Evil Doers" have seemed to accomplish the plan you've plotted - To destroy, what I have begun to raise up! 

But I say, They will not experience victory - They'll find themselves caught in the traps they set for My Elect. I will now strip the taste of victory from them and take them to the pit!" 

Watch says God, My Trumpet and those who have stood with him in Faith and chose not to retreat, but stand when done all, Stand - Will Now experience True Victory and My Favor, as You March together with resounding Triumphs for the New Season and Era that I have planned for you!

Everything is New! I do a NEW thing and will cruely destroy the enemies that have devised against My plan and My people! For listen to Me as I've continually said, the Whitehouse shall become a Lighthouse and the "Wind of My Spirit" will blow as never before. 

Oh, Watch I say, It's NOT Over, But only beginning! 

I am elevating and raising up a New Administration and Party! I am doing a New Thing, as I have embraced America and its People! I will show My hand, and will expose the backsides of many at the same time! This is the "Hour of a Revolution!" 

I am advancing My Army and Remnant in the church house, in the streets and across the this nation!

America, America - You will be Beautiful again and will hold "My Light on the Hill" as I have intended! Do Not hold your heads low, but lift up your voices and rejoice, for Your God has heard Your prayers and seen Your hearts cries! 

I am doing this and all will know that I have again, parted the Red Sea to allow My People to cross over Into the "Promised Destiny" that I have longed for them to have and experience!

Look at your enemies one last time, for soon you will see them no more! I will show My Strength and with one swipe of My Hand, the current uprising and battle will be over. 

Did I not say, watch in the next few weeks as I expose the fraud and shut the mouths of the enemy? I say, Watch! Its time - Says the Spirit of the Lord!"

Dr. Brett Watson 


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