Removing The Spirit of Korah - New Party Arise! -

01/24/2021 1:35 - 3:05 PM

The Lord Says:

"For I have drawn a line in the sand, and those who chose to oppose Me have crossed that line! A Great retaliation from heaven shall now be their portion. I will cause their Pride to be their downfall as my Word declares! Their evil works shall now be exposed by the light. There will be no escaping My Judgement! 

Those that You see now - As they have placed themselves in the highest positions of this land, will only remain for a moment. They have chosen to seat themselves, But I say, Nay - For I did not position you there, nor do you have favor with Me! I say, You opporate in darkness and hidden evil works! I will have no part of you! I choose who I raise up and who I bring down.

As in the days of Moses, as Korah gathered together a party of opposition to come against My servant, I say in the same way, you will see this demonic spirit and all its opposition removed! 

For I have declared, Touch Not Mine anointed, do My prophets No Harm. 

My Trump, has been anointed of Me - As like that of George Washington with an Anointing to build people up and lead them to victory! He has a lazor sharp perception only I could have given to him, with the ability to see in dimensions that most can not. 

I have Anointed him with the oil of Cyrus, to remove the old systems, which shall cause a "Rebirthing of America" to take place! 

Do not get in My way, says the Lord, make a rightful decision to remain on My side, for all of this is My doing and My assignment through My Trump. It will be accomplished! I chose him to complete these tasks as  it was a mandate upon his life from birth! 

So those who oppose Me, will be removed swiftly. 

I will oppose the proud and the religious systems. All those who speak against My Ways and My Servant will be cursed. This is My Plan and it will Remain! Use Wisdom in this hour to stand with Me and My Donald Trump.

Watch and listen closely, for soon My Trumpet shall Blast a resounding sound and the Tribe who hears the vibrations of Truth, shall arise quickly and respond. 

For a swift judgement is coming to the enemies of My Will, Agenda and My Plan. To the enemies of My Trump, even in the Church House and through out all of the government, I shall cause a removal to happen swiftly, so Watch and Pray!

Prepare Yourselves for an Awakening! Prepare Your Hearts and Minds - For a New Birth of America! I am Rebirthing the Eagle and She shall fly high, soaring into the New Realms of this Awakening. It will not be the same as before. I make all things New!

You must allow Me Now to shift You into this New Paridigm. Allow My Spirit to mold and shift Your Mindsets. You must be One with Me, says the Lord! 

I am doing a New Thing, Can you Not See it? Can You not hear it? Can You not feel it as I bring the shift around You?

My Wind is blowing, I am breathing upon You and I am rekindling Your First Love! Trust in Me and watch as the changes occur.

Let Me change Your Perception. Let me renew Your sight to see as I see! Cleave to Me and Trust My Plan as I establish all things New. 

Yes, This past season has been that of a revamping, a time of shaking, shifting and Awakening. And yet there is still more to come! You will feel the ground shake and You will know that it is I doing it. For I see all, I know all and I will not be mocked. 

I allowed a time of testing for My Elect to prepare them for whats to come and for their new positionings. I allowed a time of decisions to be made by those surroundng My David. It was a time to allow them to decide which side they would choose to be apart of. They have made their decisions, and I have made mine.

Now, All will see the exposing of the evil works and the birthing forth of a New Party.  A Party which will cleave to My Ways, the constitution and all things this nation holds dear to its Heart. I have placed My Trumpet in front to lead them - But this is New! All will be New! It is a brilliant Plan that I am unfolding, says the Lord!

Oh how Your President has spent time before Me. He seeks Me and finds rest in Me! Of only you knew how he calls upon Me to prosper You the people of this Great Nation! My Trumpet continually asks Me to bless the People and heal their land! He longs to see America Valiant, Strong and Blessed with Prosperity flowing like a grand river from the north to the south and east to the west!

So now, because of all of Your Prayers and Your Posturing to not let go until I Bless You, and see Me bring a great shift and turn around to this nation, I shall do it, says Your God! It will be like the opening of a rare flower, I will establish a New Fragrance and bring forth an excitement again! 

Their shall be an embracing of this New Party! My Hand shall reside upon these that come together and it will sweep the nation with Great Acceleration. There is no stopping it. 

The old regime and mindsets of yesterday's partys will quickly be removed. I will remove the stench! I will sweep away the dust and residue of those who worked in the hidden places of darkness. Prepare, for You will see them exposed openly. There will be no more doubts, for all will see and become awakened!  

I have had enough! These workers of darkness, have taken the innocent and used them for their pride and self indulgences, for power and the sacrifices to their pagen gods. The blood of the innocent covers their hands! All will be exposed and All will know of their deeds.

Watch and Pray, as My Faithful People and My Patriots will become one and will take My Hand, being lead by My Spirit. There will be New Leaders positioned, full of My Power and of My Holy Spirit. They will raise the banner of Truth and Justice high! 

There will be a sense of Awe - As many will say, only God could have done this! There will be Great Signs and Wonders in the earth and the skies above! The news and media will have to report what I say and do!  

I will move Mightily! There will be no choice but for all to say, This was the workings of their God and I will get All the Glory!

Yes, I have parted the red sea, and those who remained with Me, will now see the crossong over into the Promised Land! Those who chose to remain in the darkness, will be swallowed up by My Waves of Vengeance and removed, not be heard from again.

Get ready, as I will release the "Weight of My Glory" in ways never experienced before and it shall flow like a mighty Tide across America and across the waters into many nations. I am revamping All, says the Lord, for this is the Time of a Mighty Harvest of souls and Great Rewards for My people! 

Oh Don't You Hear It?? Rejoicing!!! Rejoicing!!!! It is a Time of Celebration, As My Hand will bring forth Judgement to the evil doers, but Vindication and Validation to those that have remained with Me! 

My Leaders and The Chosen Ones that have Trusted and Held on, when done all to stand and Hold the line in the midst of darkness and the opposition of the evil one, will now see Great Suddenly Rewards, Wisdom and Favor for the New Era that You have stepped into, says the Lord! You will build a Legacy for Me!

Oh how I love You! To My people and warriors that have remained in the Secret Place! You have remained steadfast and unmoved. You have chosen resolve and to Pray - To Pray, and continue to remain in a stance of Prayer and then some more - Until My hand moved!

Well I say, You have found favor with Me and I have moved and I am moving!! I am removing the darkness and bringing forth a Mighty and Glorious Light! I Am establishing My Plan. There will be no doubt, All will see it openly. 

To My Obedient One's, who in spite of the enemies tactics and devices, have listened and obeyed - Great Rewards are Yours!

Give Me Praise and Thank Me Now, for I Am Moving on Your Behalf. I am Moving Now and You will see all, in the days and weeks to come, says Your God!

Dr. Brett Watson


  1. I'm declaring and believing that God will again part the red sea and the enemies will be swiftly swallowed up while the Victor's receive their marching orders and papers of positions. I declare and believe the serpents grip on America will bleed out and its head will be removed of venom. Those that lay helpless and paralyzed with fear will be exposed naked with truth shining over then likened unto a new born baby. The deception of darkness and deceit that brought division will bring about correction and resurrection of glorious gatherings and genius gifting. All will receive a gift, an offering, that will be eagerly awaited by the people of God. The gift of project recovery, healing, and hell bound over to its own twisted conversion of evil, exposure and eternal damnation. The victory of America will again soar on the wings of my Eagles high above the storm as my people who are called by my name humble theirselves and pray and sought my face will see the return of their land. I decree and believe that the word of Dr. Brett Watson will come to past and this word will see its course like the marksman sees his target and fires a bullseye 🎯.

  2. I also come into agreement with your Declaration & Decree this in Jesus name! I TRULY Appreciate your Encouragement and combined faith to see Father God's Justice Prevail! God has the last word! We are about to see it manifest! Amen and Selah! -Dr. Brett Watson


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